Anyone up for a September photo challenge?

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Anyone up for a September photo challenge?

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Postby MrsHjort » Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:10 am

In the northern hemisphere summer is bringing plenty photo opportunities, as I'm sure winter his bringing down south too. Maybe you've taken a trip or two, done some general photo spelunking or been on a photo-shoot of some kind? Speaking for myself, I already have a whole bunch of new photos to edit, and more will come! Are you in the same boat? Would you like to do some post-ed and share your work? Maybe comment a bit and have fun together in the process? Then this challenge is for you!

Don't feel like digging your teeth into something recent, or maybe you've already done that? No problem! It does not have to be recent photos, anything is fine really. Many of us have those folders of photos on our hard drives that we simply haven't gotten around to yet. That's a big pity. This challenge is about making the most of your collections (any collections) and making the most of them. Turn them into a proper portfolio to showcase your holiday/event/occasion/idea or project. Show us one shot a day that you have processed towards the idea of developing your original idea, and get to realizing your portfolio plan.

Of course, if you want to shoot something fresh every day as per the traditional 30 (or 7)-day challenges, then that's fine too, but this is about making the most of the good work we do that so often never gets seen. Bring your photos out into the spotlight!

When you are ready to post your image, please do so in the thread that will be set up as the time comes, and replace your daily image in the same post, so that everyone can monitor your submissions.

You may post through your gallery in Dagger Bay, or on an external site, if you wish, and just link to your image from here. We'd all love to leave you commentary and feedback, so ideally, please give us a link to where we can do that.


- What do we get out of it?
If you make it 30 days, there's a 30 day challenge blingie in it for you, and most likely some friendly folks here will throw you some regular cool bling too. You also get an opportunity to finish your portfolio and have a bunch of other friendly people make some comments to perhaps help you make it even better, or even just to stroke your feathers.

-When do we start?
September 1st, but you can jump in at any time, and it goes for however long people have a portfolio to continue to develop. If you're in for the 30 day bling you need to play for 30 days straight though, but if you don't have the opportunity to start right away that's totally cool. Any 30 days will do :cheers:

- What if I miss a day posting?
Nothing. You are one photo short in your portfolio and if you catch it up the next day, people may or may not have time to comment on both. But really, it's no biggie. Also, if you catch up the next day, you will still be eligible for a 30 day bling.

- Can I shoot and process each day?
Of course, if you have the time and energy for that - anything to develop your portfolio is a good thing. But that's really the point of it - to develop a wonderful collection that will stand as a cohesive group.

- Do my photos have to have a theme?
Nope, not if you don't want to, you're free to use any photos you like, this is about getting around to editing them, whatever they are of.

- What kind of processing can I do?
Whatever you like! Yes, anything! Just realise your ambitions for your collection!

- Which way to the beer?
Follow the empty kegs.
To boldly arrrrr where no pirate has steered before :captain:

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Re: Anyone up for a September photo challenge?

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Postby LetItBeFun » Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:30 am

It sounds tempting, but I'll be on a road tour from late August 'til the end of first week in September, and I won't have much time for a photo challenge. But if there's a hook, I might try to hang my images :)

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