2018 Calendar Corsair Challenge (joining closed)

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Re: 2018 Calendar Corsair Challenge (joining closed)

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Postby MrsHjort » Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:18 pm

secretatlantis wrote:If we run another calendar challenge in 2019 I'm happy to enter as it seems to be the only contest I manage to enter in time.

Cool! Actually I'd be glad to play too, I've kind of missed it last year when I wasn't playing myself. So there would be two of us at least :cheers:
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Re: 2018 Calendar Corsair Challenge (joining closed)

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Postby IcyAll » Sun Jan 06, 2019 4:21 pm

I came in last nearly every month, but enjoyed the contest and coming up with new things to shoot in my theme of Recycling. Learned a few things ... such as 'choose something pretty next year' -- LOL

Alas, I was mortally sick in December, spent 25 days in hospitals, only being released on January 1st. So there was no way for me - nearly 400 miles from home for 23 of those days - to shoot anything, to enter anything, to do aught but regret missing the last month of the contest. BUT I was thinking about it!

And of course, knew Grahamcracker was going to win, deservedly, for so many gorgeous still lifes. I hope to enter again, just need to see if I can get back to normalcy somehow first. Didn't have my camera with me in the hospital and the drive home was torture as we drove by a lake area and it was twilight and OMG, so many beautiful scenes I would have shot. So I'm longing to get out there -- just have to see what happens.

My thanks to MsgtBob, too - he makes happy wherever he goes!
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