2019 Calendar Corsair Challenge

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Re: 2019 Calendar Corsair Challenge

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Postby mickey2bagz » Wed Nov 06, 2019 9:59 am

C-Max wrote:
pietopper wrote:Good luck, Craig...been there and done that. It ain't easy. Feel free to get in touch for advice, or a shoulder to cry on.

Thanks Piet and Mick.

Here’s a bit of an update - I have acquired a very nice job in Auckland which will start at the beginning of next year. My family is a little nervous but very excited despite all the friends, family and history which will be left behind. I am back in S.A. now tying up many years worth of loose ends but still hope to get into Sandton for a couple of evening shoots to finish off this assignment. It also recently struck me how ironic my choice was in shooting evening images of my hometown for this contest. Perhaps if it is repeated next year, I’ll do something similar in my new hometown but instead with early morning shots? Let’s wait and see.

When the time comes to get on that plane however, it’s going to sting more than I care to imagine, but at least it will be done knowing we won the RWC :)

All the Best


Wonderful news, glad you have a good job sorted Craig, best wishes for the future. Be good to see you back in the Calendar Challenge if you can do it. (and Bob has a good point there, you'll have two great Rugby sides to support now :) )

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