Important Announcement

What is this site and, more importantly, what should it be?
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Important Announcement

Postby Diogenese » Tue Dec 15, 2020 12:07 am

Dagger Bay was created in November of 2015 when Worth1000 was sold to Design Crowd, and a number of us were not happy with what Design Crowd ended up doing with it.

There were a lot of people volunteering their time; chief among us was Devil Moon who heavily modified a phpBB installation to give us contests, a hall of fame, an achievements page, and numerous other modifications. Then in December of 2018 Devil Moon stopped coming to the site. Despite our best efforts we have been unable to contact him. It’s a testament to how good a job Devil Moon did that we were able to continue the site without maintenance for two more years. At this point though, we have come up against something that is going to make it impossible to continue the contests. The last date we can set a contest for is January 31st 2021, a little over a month away.
If we could modify the backend of the site that could likely be fixed, but we can’t fix it because we can’t get access to it. In addition, we are down to very few active moderators, and we can’t add any of those either.

So it appears our time here is drawing to a close. We strongly suggest you do not buy more bling than you need for a month at this point, use what you have over the next month first.

Now we are inviting suggestions on what we can do to keep our community together. We do have a Dagger Bay Page on Facebook, and we have admin access to it. We can also host our own social site, with a bulletin board, it would lack the contest components we have here, but we could certainly have Black Jacks Tavern, and basically anything we have been using the Forums for, including BOTS minus the contest at the end.

If anybody knows of a contest site out there, please speak up so we can take a look.

The site here may not go down completely, just the ability to create new contests.

Additionally since we can’t update the site anti-spam defenses a lot of spam gets through and removing it takes a lot of time. A new site would fix that.

The Facebook Page, if you haven't been there it is at

So suggestions please? Comments? Now is the time to speak up.

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