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Postby Diogenese » Mon Aug 27, 2018 2:33 pm

Greetings Matey, and welcome aboard!

Ye be landing on the new Dagger Bay Strip Club Deck. (Now to get rid of the pirate speak since I am lousy at it)

This deck is a departure from our usual contest site format. While there will be contests, they are going to be of quite a different nature than the other decks. The purpose of this deck is to create comic book length comics.

Since this deck is new, a lot of things are untested, and we will probably change things as we go along and find out what works and what doesn't.

So here is what we are starting with:

    To start a comic, make a new thread with the comic name. Put a short synopsis of the comic in the first post. If you have a cover page ready for it , post that there too. If you don't have one yet, edit that first post when you are ready and put it there. You will need to have a cover page to enter a contest. (Note: The cover does not need to be ready before you start the comic. You just need a placeholder for it which is why I am suggesting putting a short summary in that first post. That summary can go away when the cover is put there.)
    As you finish more of your comic, add to the thread. When you finish your comic, and are satisfied no further editing needs to be done, request your thread to be locked.
    Once your thread is locked, you may enter a contest with that comic
    You are required to make constant progress on the comic, this means two posts a week. If for some reason (vacation, work related, BOTS season, whatever, we're easy) you can't update your thread, put a post at the end of the thread saying that, and when you intend to come back. We're easy on this, we don't need a doctor's note :lol: We just don't want the forum to be cluttered with abandoned threads. Whatever reason you have for not being able to post is acceptable. You do need to put when you intend to start again, and you do need to update it if you aren't able to come back then
    Threads that do not have any activity, or a post saying what is going on at the end will be hidden after two weeks of inactivity. We can unhide those. Threads abandoned for three months will be deleted. We can't bring those back from the dead.
    Completed comics need to contain at least 20 pages, which will consist of one or more panels.
Contests will be scheduled when there are some finished comics to enter in them.

Copyright: You retain all copyrights to your comics. The forum threads, unlike the contests, aren't watermarked. While it isn't a requirement you should put copyright or watermark on every page. It would probably also be a good idea not to post a printable version, though you will probably want to create the pages so they are printable and reduce the resolution for posting.

We intend to have a hall of fame page for comics ranked by scores in the contests.

We hope at some point to be able to support printed versions of comics. We aren't there yet.

I will be posting contests over on the Writing deck so you can get feedback on plots you are considering.

Any questions, suggestions, comments, post them below. I'll be changing this post when it becomes necessary. :captain:
A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five. :roll:

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