Colouring Line Art

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Colouring Line Art

Postby pamelap » Wed Oct 19, 2016 5:51 pm

Ever wanted to try your hand at colouring in?

No way! Those black and white photos with all that skin are too hard to get right, I hear you say!

Well, take a looky HERE!

It is a simple old fashioned style colouring in, just like the books you had when you were a kid!

All you have to do is try to colour within the lines Nope, we don't care :lol:

Step 1. Duplicate the line art

Step 2. Set that duplicated layer to MULTIPLY.


Step 4. Open a NEW LAYER and pop it under the line art Multiply layer.
This is where you add your colour. And that's it. Select a simple round hard brush and away you go. Add new layers for each area you colour!


That's it!! How simple!!

Remember, all normal Illustration Deck Rules apply.

Get some music happening, Relax and Enjoy! :party:
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