Multi use of an illustrated layer 'Empathic Voyager'.

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Multi use of an illustrated layer 'Empathic Voyager'.

Postby Cosmix » Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:40 pm

The first details I illustrated was a single wooden plank. About 20 layers to illustrate. (Not shown in the making of) Creating one narrow marque box and shading it with a rough brush of a light tan and dark brown. Then repeating that layer to the width of a plank. I then used the smudge tool and warp tool and liquify tool to shape the lines into a more natural look. I then added knots. Once I was happy with the look, I added noise from the filters to add more natural look.

Now to utilise your hard work I created all the other planks by duplicating the first one but changing it's colour, flipping the layer orientation horizontally and vertically. Stretching the detail in others to avoid them looking cloned. The girls hair was created using the same plank layer but by reducing it's size to her head it made for a decent base for hair. I then worked the hair using the smudge and warp tool.

I saved even more time by using the same first plank layer to produce the pages in the books. Again reducing the layer size improves the detail to emulate pages. Just played with the shading for authenticity. I will offer how I do other affects in later instructional posts.
Plank, Book and Hair layer Empathic Voyager .jpg
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