Beyond the Canvas

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Beyond the Canvas

Postby pamelap » Mon Jan 11, 2016 6:06 am

Here is the original painting.

To the outside edge and beyond of the original canvas, we will be adding a couple of sheep




The finished result - Beyond the canvas!

Open a New Image.
I made mine 2000 pixels x 2000 pixels so I would have plenty of room to create a beyond the canvas of the original.
Place the original painting as a New Layer.

Duplicate original layer so you always have a "spare" original handy.
Working on the duplicate, select the clone stamp and extend the sky and ground to the right of and below the original.
I didn't worry about getting the ground perfect as I knew I'd be adding my source images over the top.
The sky will be perfected at the end.

Let's add two sheep.
My source image was quite small, so I had to resize quite a bit.
Make the new sheep slightly larger than the sheep in the original as they are in the foreground.

Add a Layer Mask to the sheep layer
Brush out the edges with a soft brush to blend.

With all the layers turned off, my sheep looked like this.

I wanted to add a path to lead into the painting.

Add a Layer Mask to the path layer. Brush out the edges with a soft brush.

The man and the sheep dog were added using the exact same method.

Next I took a clone of the trees next to the building of the original and stamped it onto a New Layer.
Flipped it horizontally.
Added a Layer Mask and cleaned up the edges making the trees look natural.

The new grass is too bright and green so I added a New Adjustment Layer. You will find this in the drop down bar of your Layers menu. Go > New Adjustment Layer > Curves.
In the curves box open the RGB box.
Here you will see Red, Green & Blue.
Simply click on each colour then drag each graph line around until you have matched the tones of the source images to the original.
It really is trial and error, so just a matter of playing around for a bit.
Next I masked out the original painting so only the grass was affected by the tones I made with the curves.
Repeat for the sheep so they match the original.
The change was subtle, but made a huge difference.

The backs of the new sheep were too dark, so I cloned the backs from original sheep.
Put the clone stamp of the sheep's back on a new layer.
Moved/rotated/flipped/resized until it fitted over the sheep, masked out with a soft brush what I didn't need and letting some of the wool show through to help it look naturally blended.
Lower the opacity if need be. It took several clone layers to complete each sheep.

Just to show you with all other layers turned off.

For the final finishing touch, I added a textured layer.
Changed the mode to Overlay and lowered the opacity to 30%

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