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Postby pamelap » Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:00 am

You will need to have basic knowledge in Layer Masks and Blend Modes.

The original photograph has Kylie Minogue sitting pretty in her underwear, not a tattoo in sight.

Let's begin by adding this image of an owl to Kylie's back that we can see IN the mirror.

Position the owl on Kylie's back as a New Layer.

Set the mode to Multiply.

As you can see, the white background has magically disappeared.
There is no need to do any tedious masking of the tattoo.
Lower the Opacity to 60% so the tattoo now looks realistic.
Now we need to shape the tattoo to the contours of Kylie's back.
Edit > Free Transform > Warp

Move and shape the tattoo until you are satisfied the owl looks correct.

Add a Layer Mask.
Mask out the back bra strap.
It should now look like this.

Duplicate this layer, then hide/turn off the original.
Working on the duplicate, switch to the Layer Mask.
Mask out all of the owl except for the area that will show through the transparent fabric of the back bra strap.

Lower the Opacity to 20%.
This layer should look like this

Now turn back on the original owl, and with both layers visible you should have the completed back tattoo.

I created a New Group, named it owl back, and added these layers. This makes it very easy to find your layers, should you need to do any adjustments later on. This is a good habit to get into!

Now we need to add the same tattoo that is just barely showing on Kylie's back.
Position another image of the owl on a new layer, flipping it horizontally and lower the opacity to 60% as before.

Warp as necessary.
Add a Layer Mask, masking out any unwanted tattoo.

Continue, repeating the steps.
Position the Owl.
Warp as necessary.
Add a Layer Mask.
Mask out unwanted areas.

Mask out all the owl except where it would show through the sheer fabric of the bra.

Lower the opacity to 20%

Now we have the owl tattoo completed on Kylie and in the reflection.

All the other tattoos were added using the same method. Setting the mode to multiply, lowering the opacity, warping, masking, rotating and flipping where necessary for a mirror image.

Each tattoo layer was put in its own separate coloured coded group as this made it nice and easy to find and adjust a particular tattoo if needed. Get in the habit of naming your layers properly too. I've learnt from past messy chops you waste so much time trying to find a certain layer - it will be the last layer you click on for sure!

I added a warming (85) photo filter at 10% and Vibrance +10, added some blonde highlights, extra length to her eyelashes and some vibrancy to her lips.

And there we have it!
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