Invisible Madonna - Fishnet Stockings

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Invisible Madonna - Fishnet Stockings

Postby pamelap » Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:09 am

Knowledge of how to use the Clone Tool and Layer Masks is needed as I won't be explaining in detail how to use these tools in this tutorial.

Let's get started!

This is the original image I used of the Louis Vuitton Madonna campaign photoshoot.

Duplicate the original.
Name the duplicate layer Background.
Working on this Background Layer, clone out Madonna. This is a very important task to get right. Any messy areas with crooked lines and blurry smudges will detract from your finished result. Take your time to recreate any necessary areas. Sometimes I found it best to clone onto a New Layer so I could rotate or flip the cloned area. This was also handy when parts of the cloned area needed to be erased.

For the chair back, I cloned the curved underpart of the chair. Put the cloned underpart of the chair on a New Layer. Erase the background so you are left with just the curved wood. Rotate it into position (lower the opacity so you can see where to line it up with the original chair).

Some of the floor tiles I had to hand paint (blurring as I went along to blend) as they were impossible to clone and keep the perspective correct.

These "cloned" Layers were all merged down onto my Background Layer when I was happy with the final result.

Now Madonna's head, hair, arm, hands and both legs and feet have been cloned out and the background has been filled in as you would imagine it to be. You can see little bits of shoes and bracelets but that's okay as these will be covered over in the next step.

Duplicate the Original again and name it Accessories. Move/drag this to the TOP. Add a layer mask.
Now mask out everything EXCEPT her shoes, bracelets, feather skirt, top and bag.

Now for the stockings. We will start with her bent left leg.

Duplicate the Original and name it Left Leg. Move/drag it to the TOP of your Layers. Add a Layer Mask and proceed to mask out everything EXCEPT the left leg. Don't forget the bits of the stocking you can see in her shoes.

With the other layers turned off it should look like this.

All layers visible.

Now we need to work on the Right leg pointing in the air.
Duplicate the Original and name it Right leg. Add a layer mask and mask out everything EXCEPT the stockings.

With the other layers turned off it will look like this.

All layers visible.

Duplicate the Left Leg and re-name it Right thigh. Move/drag this to the TOP layer. Now rotate and move it into position covering the Right leg. Lower the opacity so you can see exactly where it should go. It will have to be re-sized as her right thigh is slightly thinner than her left thigh.

Now erase her lower leg so just the thigh remains.

Duplicate the Left leg again, this time name it Right calf. Repeat same steps as for the Right Thigh, but this time erasing the thigh, foot and area covering the bracelets.

Now merge Right calf, Right thigh, Right leg and Left leg. Rename this layer Legs. Move the Accessories Layer to the TOP.

Working on the Legs layer, a small amount of cloning is needed to tidy up behind the knee on her right leg.

Change the mode on the Legs Layer to MULTIPLY and lower the opacity to 40%

You may wonder why the back side of the fishnet stocking is omitted. Once you duplicate the layer and warp it to show the back side of the fishnet stockings it just starts getting thick and muddy, so for artistic sake I have only shown the front side.

Now as you can see, this is not a very good image to use for fishnet stockings! The original was not a very sharp photograph so my fishnet stockings look blurry and I wasn't happy with them!

So I flattened the image, then Duplicated the layer.

Sharpen the Duplicate layer by clicking Sharpen More X two times.

Next I added a Layer Mask, masking out ALL but the sharpened fishnets.

I added a New Layer and hand painted some more orange skirt feathers to blend everything in.

I decided to sharpen her shoes, bracelets, bag and clothing trim. Flattened the image again then Duplicate the layer. Use High Pass at a radius of 5 pixels.

Change the MODE to OVERLAY.
Add a Layer Mask and mask out ALL but the shoes, bag and some parts of her clothing and some parts of the feathers.
To finish off, I played around with the Brightness and Vibrancy levels.
I hope this has been helpful to you. Now go find some fishnets!
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