2018 Cross Deck Calendar Corsair Challenge - January
 Feb 2, 2018

For this first month of the contest anyone may enter. From February onward participation will be restricted to the people who enter this month.

For this brawl, which runs throughout 2018, you must create a cohesive set of 12 images, one each month, that could be used as a calendar.

This contest is for the month of January.

You can create your images as Photo-manipulations, Illustrations, 3D images or a combination of those. You may also add text to your image.

Once you've selected your medium all of your images must be in that medium. For example, if your January entry is an illustration, your remaining 11 monthly entries must also be Illustrations.

You can choose any theme you wish, but you must stick to it. Your 12 images should all be related somehow. Please tell us your theme in the notes of this first contest.

The winner of this challenge is the player with the highest average score of all the twelve months combined and will win a very special trophy to add to their Achievements Page.
Players must submit one entry every month into all of the twelve contests. Failure to submit will give you a zero score for the month in question. If you miss a month you can continue to submit for the remaining months, but you're no longer eligible to win the challenge

Each contest will be posted on the first of the month and will be open for entry util the last day of the month, followed by a voting period of three days.

Only one entry per player is permitted.

Standard Deck rules apply (with the exception of restrictions like not using 3D renders in illustrations, for this one you can mix and merge any way you like!)
1st place

5th place

6th place