Hoist t' Colours - Mark of Zorro
 Jan 4, 2018

There'll be bucket loads o' paint splashin' around in our 27th Hoist t' Colours Brawl between IcyAll, pamelap, ERICSTEPHENJACOBS and nightstitcher

They have 14 days to give this ol' black and white a lick o' paint!

This is first and foremost a colouring challenge.
Your main goal in this contest is to create a realistic interpretation of what the supplied image would've looked like as a contemporary colour photograph.
You should strive to create an image that anyone would mistake for a real colour photo if they didn't know it was colourised.
Realism and believability are the key goals.
You may use ONLY the provided black and white source image.
You are NOT allowed to use any additional source images.
Only one entry per person is allowed.

Good luck colourin' in!
1st place

3rd place