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 Mar 23, 2016

This year, St Patrick's day is four days before Palm Sunday. And if a Leprechaun sees his shadow both he and the Easter Bunny transform, and not for the better...

OK, so would you believe...

Better yet, what would we believe?

Come up with an new legend or myth in 500 words or fewer and let us know how twisted your imagination can get!

Contest Rules
* Entry Fee: Free
* Prize: Trophy
* Level: Beginner
* Word Limit: < 500
* Submit period: 5 days
* Voting period: 2 days
* All regular Writing Deck Rules apply.
* Multiple entries are allowed in this contest.

Good Luck!

Thanks to HeyDoofus for the contest idea, and
Thanks to Diogenese for the theme pic.

1st place

From an ancient clay tablet:

And so it was told, of an extremely rare plant. It is called the “Dark Ghost Orchid.” This plant waves it’s petals about like a dancing seductress, gives off an aroma that entices all, and is carnivorous. It is almost never seen, because it usually only comes out of the ground to feed, and only does that during full moons.

The plant is located in the lushest areas in the forest, as it supports the other vegetation surrounding it. Any creature noticing the dance of the plant (which is enhanced when the moon shines upon it’s velvet black petals) and venturing near, will then be aware of a slight scent; just enough to make it even more curious. As it approaches the plant it will notice two shiny bits in the center funnel. Only when it is too close to realize the danger, the petals will caress it toward that funnel, and those shining bits will reach out and pierce the creature. The venom from those ‘fangs’ acts instantaneously to paralyze the creature, and the plant eats.

After devouring its meal, the only visible remains of the creature act as mulch, which adds to the benefit the flower gives to nearby foliage. If one had not seen the feeding, they would have no idea a plant could be responsible for the carcass at the scene.

While these attributes make it fascinating indeed, what makes the “Dark Ghost Orchid” unique, is that after feeding during a blood moon, the plant will give back to any creature that puts an appendage into the funnel.

Upon feeding during a blood moon, the plant’s petals change to purple. When one puts a hand into the flower immediately following this meal, the ‘fangs’ emit a rejuvenator rather than a poison. This elixir continues to flow as the petals of the plant turn from purple, back to black, and then to gray and finally white.

Should the hand be pulled out prior to the petals turning white, the flower will survive and resume feeding during the next full moon. The chief will have been healed of any and all ailments, and will surely have gained longevity.

If the chief is greedy though, and leaves his hand in the flower until the petals turn white, the flower will no longer possess it's unique qualities, and will only continue on as a “Ghost Orchid” until such time as it perishes.

While a greedy male gains longevity, he loses his seed and his bloodline will end with him. A greedy female will suffer even worse. If she becomes pregnant, her child will seem lively in the womb, but upon contact with air immediately upon birth, the infant will shrivel to a husk and crumble to dust, whereupon the woman will surely go mad.

Search out the “Dark Ghost Orchid” at your own peril. You may lose more than you could ever gain. Thus it has been told.
2nd place

Have you ever been walking down the street and felt like someone was following you? But when you looked back, even if you did it quickly or sneakily, you saw nothing there? If so, then you've felt the presence of the Skitter. This furtive creature exists in the transitional zone between the physical and ethereal realms, and feeds on the psychic energy generated by fear.

It is extremely adept at avoiding detection. It can dart behind an object before you've turned around. You'll never see more than the faintest flit of movement, if even that much. They can also slink along beneath you through drain pipes or crawlspaces.

They frequent any environment where humans live -- urban, suburban, or rural. And they can track their prey during the day as well as at night, though most people are not as sensitive to their presence during daylight hours.

If you ever feel one tailing you and wish to get rid of it, simply drop a penny on the sidewalk or roadway behind you. This doesn't scare them away, but the minute electromagnetic field surrounding these copper disks is sufficient to distract them long enough for you to make an escape.

So if you feel you're susceptible to to being tracked by Skitters, always keep a supply of pennies in your pocket.
3rd place

There is a simple ritual you can perform which will increase the value of any shares you hold in the Wall Street stock market.

Essentially it involves an offering to the god of new growth. It can only be performed at a certain time of year and there are some preparations involved, so plan ahead. The time involved is the week before Easter, and the materials needed are a hollow plastic egg and a chocolate rabbit.

At sunrise of the Sunday a week before Easter write on a small slip of paper the name of the company whose value you want to increase. You're limited to just one, so choose carefully. Fold the slip of paper and place it inside the plastic egg, then close the egg.

Remove the package and any wrappings from the chocolate rabbit. It must be completely open. Here's the important part: the size of the rabbit determines the amount of stock growth. Thus, a small rabbit will cause a small increase, while a large rabbit will cause a large increase.

Next, place a large dish in the center of your dining room table. Put the rabbit in the dish, standing if possible. Some paper grass can help with this if you like. Finally, set the egg with the stock name before the front paws of the rabbit.

Now, just leave the assembled items sitting on the table for a week. It must remain completely intact for this to work. If you, a family member, a pet, or even an insect, take so much as a small nibble from the rabbit before the time is complete, the spell will be broken.

If all goes well, then at sunrise of Easter morning carry the dish with the rabbit and egg out to your front yard. If you don't have one a public park will do. Pull open the egg, remove the slip of paper and burn it. Next, dig a small hole in the ground, (don't forget to bring a shovel), and bury the chocolate rabbit. Once you've closed the hole again, return to your house.

All you need to do now is wait for the stock market to open the next day, then watch your shares skyrocket in value before the closing bell.

So simple anyone can do it! (Actually, the hardest part will be not taking a bite of the rabbit all week.) Happy Easter!
4th place

8:39 AM and Mr. Carl Todlin had been prepared perfectly. All that was left was his socks and shoes. They laid neatly on a little portable metal stand. The argyle socks were folded with great care and squared next to the black Florsheims that he had only worn on Church Days of great importance. Mr. Todlin took great care of his feet, as did every one in Hallsbrook. Any town with a Bone Collector.
Now she waited for Paul Crymweller VII, the village’s official Bone Collector. Hallsbrook kept with tradition sternly. Quietly. Respectfully. The Salt would be created for the Todlin family, and they would treat it with the reverence and grace that there family tradition dictated.
The side door bell rang precisely at 6:59 AM that the noise gave her a slight start. She opened the metal security door to Paul, towering tall and dressed in all black with his large briefcase. He was the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life.
“Hello Cindy,” came his gentle and dark voice. With an elegance that was threaded with a great grandeur of the theater, “I am here by request of the Todlin’s Family to collect Carl’s essence to be returned to their own.”
“Welcome Paul, welcome,” she replied and let him in through the threshold.
He approached Mr. Todlin and placed his large case next to the shoes and socks and walked to the front of the table to address Carl directly.
“Hello Carl,” said Paul and he placed his hand on Carl’s head into the hairline avoiding any contact with Cindy’s make up job, “You may leave now Cindy.”
“I’ll stay.” the words were out of her mouth before she could stop them.
He turned to her and the smile that burst across his face was one of gentle kindness. She saw a tear form but not fall from one eye. He let his head gracefully nod up and down with her acceptance mirrored.
Paul took a deep breath and turned his attention back to Carl. Out of his mouth came a chant. A Prayer. A language that Cindy recognized but did not understand but it’s melodic beauty gave her chills. The voice of their ancestors.
From the briefcase he retrieved a very simple yet elegant salt shaker with crystal glass body and sterling silver cap. He unscrewed the cap and place the glass body at the base of Carl’s feet. Waving his hand over the feet and gliding the air he stirred directionally into the crystal vial. He gathered the salt shaker and into the briefcase it went.
Retrieving an engagement ring from a hidden side pocket. He turned to Cindy placing the ring on her finger and asked, “June Wedding?”
Cindy smiled, “Of course.”
“I’ll kiss you tonight. Pick you up at 8 pm?” he asked.
“That will be fine.” she returned.
Two traditions complete.
5th place

The White House announced the pending release of Executive Order 2016-04-01. This fiat will add a day to the month of March and remove a day from the month of April. Under the new system March 32 will be immediately followed by April 2. The dictum justifies this action by citing the millions of dollars of lost productivity and actual damages caused by the widespread practice of April Fool's Day pranks. This presidential action was initiated after a joint request from the insurance industry and the Council of Multinational Corporations.

North-woods, Wisconsin Central Northern Highland.
The wild rose bushes that grew along US Highway 51 (State Trunk 10 pre. 1926) in Iron County had been there since anyone could remember. The story passed through the residents from generation to generation. It was only about a mile stretch of pink and red blooms just before the boat launch area on the Gile Flowage. The water seepage from the lake prevented any sort of building development on that side land of 51. The rose bushes were close enough to the public road to be common ground but far enough away to prevent power lines and septic piping from entering into the mix. Rarely mentioned in neighborhood conversation because in tight communities, things are just known.
Once in a while, if a tourist dared to approach them the locals would quickly warn them of the wild thorns and they would survive. Thankfully the blooms only lasted for the duration of the Witch’s dying time and that was good enough for everyone. About a week. The length of time it took her to bleed out from her burns. With the added color of telling the interloper that wolverines and badgers lived within the mangled brambles was enough to keep them safe.
Little Rosa Mary Cadimont (the Witch) lived below those roses. Lived. As long as no one messed with her everything would be okay. Darren Copwhite tried to cut them down in a drunk teenage rage and he still doesn’t walk right. Or talk. His tongue is missing. His parents let him live in the little storage shed behind their property where he eats his oatmeal and yogurt quietly. Sound proofing the little cottage to prevent his night terrors from waking them at night. They don’t talk about it at all. Neither does anyone else. Letting sleeping dogs lie is something every one is akin too.
As a midwife, Rosa spent a lot of time with the native Sauk and Fox tribes in the deep woods. She developed a bank of herbal medicines that could compete with any hospital apothecary in Milwaukee. That was what caused the problem. The women of the local area began to depend on her for all their ailments, including the love lorn and that brought trouble with the men. They went to the local Clergy to declare her a witch so they could “Take Care of God’s Will” and justify making her go away.
Setting fire to her little cottage in the name of the Almighty was a great mistake as the collection of potions caused an explosion that scorched over half the county. They found her body burnt and ragged next to the old trunk trail were she had crawled on her knees with both of her arms planted into the ground as if she was plunging them into the earth as easily as dishwater. Lifting her body the arms were left behind and from the ground burst forth the rose bushes. Still there to this day.
7th place

Take a sheet of aluminum foil from the kitchen and trim it to approximately 12'' inches by 12'' inches square. Fold it in half, then reopen it partially so it looks like a tent. Similar to what you use when cooking a turkey in the oven. Place this foil tent over your home Internet router and you'll easily increase your download and upload speeds by 50% or more.
8th place

Have you ever been pulled over by the police for speeding? Have you wished there was something you could say to talk your way out of it? You're in luck!

There is a secret hand signal that undercover cops use to signal uniformed cops to let them go. It's easy to learn, but cops have kept this as one of their most closely guarded secrets because they don't want the bad guys to know it. If they did, they could see who the snitches were when they used the signal. Or even worse, they might begin using it themselves. But now, thanks to a disgruntled former detective, the secret's out.

Using your left hand, make a circle with your thumb and middle finger; all the others should be curled under. Then with the loop, pinch your left earlobe and pull it downward slightly. That's it!

So the next time a cop comes up to your car window, just flash this sign and you'll be on your way in a jiffy.

For Ailing Suckling Pig

1 Bar of Fresh Honey Comb Palm Size
(Larvae intact)
1 Cup of Fresh Blue Berries
1 Cup of Fresh Pecan Nuts
Juice from 1 large Lemon
Dusting Flour
12 Large Cabbage Leaves
12 Apple Cores Brown
A written prayer from the Book of Exodus on a dry leaf
1 Large of Pot of Boiling water

Combine honey, berries, nuts and lemon juice and grind to mush. Add dusting flour in tiny amounts until a solid paste is formed. Form into 12 even balls.

Boil water and while it is on stove, place the prayer leaf into the embers and allow it to extinguish into smoke and allow the water to roll for one minute after it is gone.

Place cabbage leaves into water until they go to full wilt. DO NOT OVER BOIL. Cabbage should still be firm but soft enough to roll.

Remove cabbage leaves from hot water and spread them out on a prep table and allow them to cool to the touch but still warm. Place one apple core in the middle of each leaf. Pack one honey ball on top of each core and fold the cabbage leaf around each one to form neat packages, similar to how rapping a fitted sheet around a mattress and let sit for an hour.

Feed each packet to ailing piglet until they are all gone. Six will suffice but all 12 is best. Wait three days and repeat.

If no improvement is seen after two weeks. Go over to Mr. Clarkly’s farm and tell him you would like a new piglet in exchange for the sick one. If he doesn’t want to, run around his farm (all 12 acre’s) screaming, “Farmer Clarkly is wanker!” at the top of your lungs for about an hour.

If he still refuses, tell him Mrs. Tanner knows what he did with that Maple Strawberry Jam he bought from her last spring and you’ll tell the whole congregation on Sunday. He’ll come around.

He’s not a bad man but every once in a while he needs to be reminded that married woman are off limits, no matter how much livestock he owns.
10th place

The Easter Bunny held a St. Patrick's Day party in her den and invited all the other holiday beings.

The cherub Cupid got a little tipsy on green beer and began making passes at the Tooth Fairy. Jack O'Lantern, who is Irish by the way and who sports the other color of the flag of Ireland, heard Miss Fairy's protests and came to her rescue, chivalrous fellow that he is, and a scuffle ensued.

St. Nick and Jack Frost rushed to separate the brawlers, but St. Nick got jabbed in the eye with one of Cupid's arrows. He then tried to scoop Cupid into his gift sack, but not seeing straight he caught Baby New Year by mistake. Father Time finally managed to catch Cupid by the wings, while Jack Frost put the freeze on Jack O'Lantern.

Mother Earth helped the Easter Bunny get everything calmed down and straightened up, then the party ended. As they all went their separate ways the Groundhog called out, “See you all at the Bacchus festival in September.”