Create a Puzzle Illustration
 Dec 13, 2017

This is an Illustration Brawl between Shorra, bajazet and ChrisEll.

In this contest the participants are challenged to create an illustration that would be perfect as a puzzle. An image you'd see on the box and think "I want to do that!!!"

The theme is wide open for this one but we're looking for a specific type of image, ones that a puzzle company might consider when adding new works to their catalogues... and there are puzzle companies out there who are looking for new original works! So here are some guidelines:
- The standard for a 1,000 piece puzzle is approximately 27 inches (68 cm) by 19 inches (48 cm) so your entry should have those approximate dimensions (either portrait or landscape).
- Puzzle companies look for images that have lots going on that covers the entire area of the puzzle.
- Avoid compositions that have large empty areas of one colour or texture.

- This is an illustration contest, no photos or 3D elements may be used.
- You may use bits and pieces of other illustrations you've submitted to Dagger Bay, but ALL ELEMENTS OF YOUR PUZZLE ILLUSTRATION MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK!
- All regular Illustration Deck Rules apply.

Good luck brawlers!!!
1st place

2nd place

3rd place