Advanced: Doppelgängers 2017
 Oct 14, 2017

For this contest, show us a photo of two objects that look identical (or almost identical). It should be more than just a "passing resemblance" though. For example, some people look like their dogs, but that's not what we want here.
We want human twins, two black cats, two peas in a pod, etc. Inanimate objects are OK, too, like in the wonderful theme post by MyMindsEye.
Show us your best!

Hit list: a single object and its reflection. There are other contests for that.

Good luck.

Important Notice
All entries must abide by the entry requirements as stated in the FAQs

A full list of editing allowances and restrictions for contests can be found here.

Thanks to MyMindsEye for supplying our themepost!
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