Animal Crying 2
 Jan 10, 2018

When I was a kid I used to see cows in the pasture that looked like they had tears running down their cheeks and I felt so sad for them. Probably just eye irritations but anywhooooo...
Show an animal crying and make it convincing. ABSOLUTELY NO merging a human face into the animal. It must be the animal or animals alone with tears. Altering the face is completely allowed just NO blending a HUMAN into the mix. The emotion must come from the animal alone.

Show us how your creative genius can bring out the raw emotions inside us. Make us feel it. Make us want to comfort the poor little rattlesnake or whatever non-human you choose for your creation

This is the Effects deck which means photo realism is the aim. If your desire is to draw, check out our wonderful Illustration deck.

Thanks to Dutchpuh for supplying our themepost!

Skill Level: ADVANCED

Have fun and get creative!
Entry is free and you may submit more than one entry.
Prizes will be virtual trophies.
Remember, we will remove poor quality entries no matter how much we like you.
You will have five days for this one followed by two days voting, so make your entry count!
Good luck!
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