In the Beginning
 Aug 16, 2017

Write a story about how the Universe began and mankind originated. It can build on an existing explanation if desired (be it Hairy Thunderer, Cosmic Muffin, or Bowl of Spaghetti), or something completely different. It's all good.

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* Entry Fee: Free
* Prize: Advanced Trophy
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* Character Limits: 1000 - 3000 words
* Submit period: 14 days
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* All regular Writing Deck Rules apply.
* Multiple entries are allowed in this contest.

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The Supreme Being looked at the creature it created, and it was good. Well evil actually but since that is what he intended it was good. Satan cocked his head and looked at The Supreme Being.

“So, what’s up O bearded one?”

“Ah, you are surly and disobedient! Splendid, just what I was trying for.”

“Well great, so why am I here?”

“Why to oppose me of course! Creation would be boring without loyal opposition!”


“Merely a turn of phrase, you need to be utterly disloyal and insolent!”

“Gotcha, so what’s next?”

“Next up is an object for us to fight over. Let’s see… got it.”

And The Supreme Being created man, and it was good.

“It’s nose is a little big,” Satan said looking Adam over.

“I created him in my own image!” The Supreme Being roared.

“Its nose is gigantic,” Satan corrected.

“Bah!” The Supreme Being grunted and sent Satan scurrying to Hell with a wave of his hand, “Well Adam, how does it feel to be alive?”

“A bit confusing actually,” Adam replied.

“No need to be confused, just do what your creator tells you,” The Supreme Being said.

“That would be you correct?” Adam asked looking at The Supreme Being.

“Of course my child, Everything I have created in this lovely garden is yours, but there is one thing you must never do…”

“What’s that sir?”

“That tree over there, the Tree of Knowledge, you must never eat of its fruit, that is your first commandment from me!”

Adam walked over to the tree, “Not particularly appealing is it?”

“Pardon?” The Supreme Being asked.

“Well I can’t say I would fancy eating that fruit anyway. Look there’s a worm in it!”

“Hmmm,” said The Supreme Being looking at the offending creature. “Well he is already a worm, so there’s not much I can do in the way of punishment. “

“You could always make a lawyer out of him,” Satan said, popping in for a second before The Supreme Being Banished him again.

“Who was that,” asked Adam, wrinkling up his nose at the smell of sulfur.

“That was a very evil creature who you should never listen to,” The Supreme Being said.

“Evil?” asked Adam.

“Yes, good and evil, two polar opposites,” The Supreme Being thundered. “Listening to me is good. Listening to him is evil!”

Adam scratched his head, “I’m not sure I understand.”

“You would if you ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, it would let you instantly tell good from evil.”

“But you told me not to do that,” Adam pointed out.

“That’s right, it would be disobeying me, and that’s evil.”

“So the only way I can tell good from evil is by doing something evil. Am I missing anything?” Adam asked.

“No but you will be missing a rib shortly,” The Supreme Being said, putting Adam in a deep trance.

While Adam slept, The Supreme Being removed one of his ribs and created women. Well one of them anyway. Then he awoke both Adam and Eve.

“Behold, your wife!” The Supreme Being announced.

“He seems a bit deformed,” Adam said, looking Eve over.

“She,” The Supreme Being corrected. “What do you mean? She must be perfect, I only create perfect creatures.”

“Well she is missing some parts down there, and she seems to be misshapen up here,” Adam said pointing. “And furthermore, I’m not in your image anymore, I seem to be missing a rib.”

“Um, yeah. Eve, you explain it to him,” The Supreme Being said, deciding it was a good time to tend to other items in his creation.

“So…?” Adam asked Eve.

“I’m your wife,” explained Eve.

“Yes, I know, the Supreme Being said that. So does wife mean ‘deformed’?” Adam asked.

“No, but you’re my husband, and that is soon going to mean ‘battered’ if you keep it up,” Eve replied.

Well Adam didn’t know if he liked the sounds of that, he was still smarting from the removal of a rib, so he decided to change the subject. “Hey, let’s name all the animals!” he said excitedly, “Look, over there, that’s a whatchamacallit!”

Eve groaned. It was going to be a long eternity. She eventually wandered off as Adam was naming a giraffe“Whatchamacallit MMCXII”

She had gone a good distance when she came across an animal she had never seen before. It scampered across the ground, climbed a tree trunk and looked at her.

“So what might you be?” she asked.

“Depends, Adam called me Whatchamacallit CLIIV, but The Supreme Being calls me ‘The Serpent’”

“That works for me Serpent, so what brings you here?” asked Eve.

“I’m the marketing department for Eden, have you tried one of these apples yet? They’re delicious!”

Eve looked at the tree. “Um, Serpent, that looks remarkably like the Tree of Knowledge and we aren’t supposed to eat the Apples from it.”

“Now, now, I don’t recall God actually telling YOU that. He told Adam that.”

“I pretty much gathered that by extension that meant me too, particularly since I was formed from Adam.”

“Well, now, if you eat this you’ll know for sure and will not have to guess anymore!”

“I’m not sure that helps me if it gets me on The Supreme Being’s naughty list. I also can’t see where knowing ‘good’ from ‘evil’ buys me much.”

“Well it can keep you from being duped by somebody or something trying to make you do evil,” suggested the serpent.

“Well I can’t argue with logic like that,” Eve said, taking the apple and checking it for worms. “By the way, you wouldn’t be related to that ‘Satan’ character would you?”

“Me? No! Whatever would give you that idea?” the Serpent asked.

“Yo, serpent, you gotten that dumb dame to bite into that apple yet?” Satan said, popping in.

“Great timing boss,” the Serpent replied.

“Doesn’t matter, I figured it out anyway,” Eve said taking a bite of the apple.

“So how does it feel to know good from evil?” Satan asked.

“Not much different to tell you the truth,” Eve said, still munching. “Everything is still pretty murky, morality wise.”

She looked down. “Hmmm… gotta find me some fig leaves” she said, and started exploring the garden.

“Here we go,” she said, sporting three of them to cover the appropriate areas.

“OK, now we have to get Adam to eat one,” the Serpent said.

“Shouldn’t be difficult, they’re not half bad, if you can find one without worms anyway,” Eve said as she picked one to give to Adam.

He was where she left him, still naming animals, and had just gotten to the rhinoceros, or “Whatchamacallit MMMMDCCCLVII” as Adam christened him.

“You must be hungry after all that work honey, eat this!” Eve said, handing Adam the apple.

“No thanks, I rather not,” said Adam.

“Don’t you want to be like the Supreme Being, knowing good from evil?” the Serpent asked.

“Not particularly,” replied Adam. “Besides, I don’t fancy apples.”

“Darling, just take a small bite, for me,” Eve said, batting her eyes at him.

“I just don’t like…say, why are you wearing those leaves?” Adam asked.

“Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me, here’s one for your… oh just put it on,” replied Eve.

Adam didn’t particularly know why he was supposed to do that, but it beat having to eat an apple so he took the extra-long fig leaf from Eve and placed it where she indicated. At which point the sky rumbled open.

“WHY ARE YOU HIDING FROM ME?” The Supreme Being’s voice thundered.

“We’re not hiding, we’re right here,” Adam replied, not noticing Eve and the Serpent had taken a powder.

The Supreme Being looked down at him. “Why are you wearing that fig leaf?”

“I haven’t the foggiest sir; Eve gave it to me and requested I put it on.”

“And where is Eve?” The Supreme Being demanded.

“I don’t know, she was just here a moment ago, and Whatchamacallit CLIIV was with her,” Adam said looking around. “Oh there they are,” Adam said, pointing to a tree Eve and the Serpent were hiding behind.

The Supreme Being glared at them. “Eve, did you partake of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge?”

“Yep Daddio, the Serpent here talked me into it,” Eve replied.

“She didn’t take much persuading,” the Serpent muttered.

“And Adam, did you partake of the fruit also?” The Supreme Being demanded.

“No sir, still have it right here,” Adam replied, offering the Supreme Being the Apple.

“Well then, you all must be punish… wait a minute, what did you say?” the Supreme Being asked, suddenly puzzled.

“I didn’t eat the apple sir, here it is right here.”

The Supreme Being glared at Adam. “And why not? Were you being faithful to me?”

Adam shrugged. “I don’t fancy apples, and I didn’t see any reason to eat it.”

It was then The Supreme Being invented swearing, and said a very bad word, and it was good.

At least Eve and the Serpent knew it was bad. Adam of course was clueless.

“Satan, get your worthless tail up here!” the Supreme Being roared.

“You rang O bearded one?” Satan mocked as he appeared.

“You were given one job…” the Supreme Being started glaring at him.

“And I did it. I got the Serpent to persuade Eve to eat the apple. According to the script, she was supposed to talk Adam into it,” Satan pointed out.

“And you?” the Supreme Being said, turning to Eve.

“I partook of the apple the way I was supposed to. Can’t help Adam didn’t follow the script.”

The Supreme Being invented the Face Palm. He took a moment to compose himself. “Well let’s sort out the things that went right anyway. Serpent, you are destined to wriggle through the dust for the rest of eternity,” and the Supreme Being did remove the arms and legs from the Serpent.

“Ouch,” said Eve.

“That’s nothing sister, you should see what he did to the worm,” replied the Serpent.

“As for you,” the Supreme Being said to Eve.

“Uh-Oh,” thought Eve.

“You will have the pain of childbirth,” declared the Supreme Being.

“Why you $#^@!!” Eve said, lunging towards the Supreme Being, Satan and Adam reacting quickly to restrain her.

“Now for you Adam,” the Supreme Being started.

Satan snickered. “Now for the ad-libbing…”

“You didn’t eat the apple, but it wasn’t out of loyalty, you just didn’t do it. I can neither reward nor punish you. You are hereby banished from Eden, and must follow your wife. You will have a family with her, but she, and all her progeny, will age and perish in their time.”

With that the Supreme Being banished Adam and Eve from the Garden, Whatchamacallit CLIIV following.

Satan turned to the Supreme Being. “So he is going to live forever then?”

“He didn’t disobey me, I can’t punish him.”

“He also doesn’t know right from wrong,” Satan observed. “And he’ll never know it through all eternity.”

“I know. I think I am going to create aspirin. I feel an eternal headache coming on,” the Supreme Being said.

Satan snickered, and was immediately banished once again to Hell.

The Supreme Being just shook his head. It was going to be a long eternity, he could already tell.
2nd place

For ease of reading, this has been translated into English, in its entirety.


I have put much too much work into this to let it fail. It won’t be long now before the unveiling, and if I’m right, those fools will not heed the warning or even think to prepare for the end. I know I’ve already given the three allowed warnings (to Nostradamus, Verne, and Asimov), and a lot of good that did. I hope The Big Guy doesn’t get mad, but I have to give it one last try.

Chapter One

Adam was an Eagle Scout, and not wont to believe in the supernatural, though he did enjoy reading science fiction. Thus it surprised him to wake up that morning and hurriedly jot down the coordinates he had been given in a dream. A very pretty lady had appeared to him saying “Adam, it is imperative that you go to this place immediately. All will be explained when you arrive.”

Eve had just recently received the Gold Award in the Girl Scouts. She was already preparing for a career in Veterinary Sciences when a handsome man had appeared in a dream, with the same message. She too hurried to write down the coordinates upon waking.

Both researched the location as best as possible. It was a desolate spot, with only one image available that had been taken years ago by a now inoperable satellite. If it weren’t for the interesting-looking rock formations in the area, neither could see any reason for ever visiting the site. As it was, they were able to get their respective parent’s permission to go there. Both had been out on their own before, and exploration was part of their nature. School didn’t start again for another two weeks, so what would be the harm? Of course neither had explained that the real reason for going had come in a dream.

Adam made his approach from the west, and Eve from the east. Surprisingly (?) they arrived at the destination within minutes of each other.

“Hi,” said Adam. “I didn’t think I would run into any people out here. Do you come here often?”

“Hi,” responded Eve. “This is my first time here... you?”

“First time too,” said Adam. “Actually, I got the coordinates for this place in a dream (ha, ha).”

“Really,” asked Eve? “Me too. That’s weird.”

They found a comfortable spot under one of the interesting rock formations, and ate a dinner while discussing how they had both come to be there. After their meal they set up their tents and enjoyed the approach of the stars in the night sky before retiring. Both had a visit in their dreams that night, that all would be explained in the morning.

Chapter Two

Adam and Eve both talked about their dreams of the night before while eating breakfast. After cleaning up they just sat there, wondering if were possible for two people to be going crazy in the same way, at the same time. At least they had some things in common that they were able to talk about, and that kept them occupied.

About mid-morning, a visitor arrived, though not in any ordinary way. He just appeared, right out of thin air.

“Whoa,” stated Eve. “Did you see that?”

“Uh, I guess it wasn’t just me then,” answered Adam.

“Sorry,” the visitor said, “I didn’t mean to spook you. It’s just that I don’t do this very often, and I found it best to be visible when conversing. People tend to think they’re going crazy if I just talk to their minds.”

“I hear him,” said Eve. “Do you?”

“Yeah,” responded Adam, “but his lips aren’t moving.”

“Oops, sorry, is this better,” asked the visitor?

“Uh, huh…” both answered simultaneously.

“Good. Now down to business,” started the visitor.

“Um, who are you,” asked Adam, at the same time as Eve asked: “How did you just appear like that?”

“Oh, I’ll explain everything,” said the visitor. “Just sit back and relax.”

Adam and Eve exchanged looks, but sat down as requested, prepared to hear what the visitor had to say.

“All right,” opined the visitor, “here goes: I tried communicating with humans before, and found it much easier when they have something to look at. I appeared to each of you in your dreams as a persona that would keep your attention. Here I decided a harmless-looking old man would be easier on you both, and not distracting with what I have to say. (Adam and Eve looked at each other, shrugged, and nodded for him to continue)

“First off, let me tell you that this is not the first planet inhabited by humans. In this universe humanity started out on the planet you call Mars. I say this universe, because there are more of them than you can imagine. Look at it this way; say you were the size of God, okay? This universe would fit into a petri dish in comparison. Creating universes is easy… well, for The Big Guy. It’s using the right materials, in the right proportions, to allow for life like yours to exist in them. That is complicated.

“Once The Big Guy has spun up a basic universe, it is allowed to cool for a little while. About a billion years or so in your idea of time. Then if acceptable, He sends in one of us to make a planet habitable for life. There is always a specific criteria for this. Whichever planet we work on has to be able to be evacuated to another planet. You see, He gives humanity three chances to succeed, and that’s it. If you don’t meet His standards by then, another universe goes into the toilet, so to speak. It is really easy to destroy universes.

“The Big Guy checks up on all humanity in all universes. He calls them spot inspections. If he deems it time for a move, there has to be somewhere they can go to survive. Of course they have to be smart enough to figure out how to make that move. And then we are on to making the next (and last) planet habitable for the possibility of a final move.

“When He checked on Mars and found it wanting, He caused what you might call a glitch in your sun (timing is everything when He does this), creating a gravity pull that was strong enough to pull it’s moon into the planet, and throwing off any living thing left on it. What you believe to be two moons around Mars, are just the biggest pieces of its original moon that were thrown off after impact.

“Luckily for the human race, they succeeded in sending a few craft to this planet, ensuring their survival. Oh, I can see you are curious about your bible’s version of Adam and Eve. Well, the book is partially correct. Translation is a peculiar thing, and The Big Guy is always vague, anyway. He is the only one that can create human life. Has to do with soul storage or something. That’s above my pay grade so to speak. Anyway, He waits for us to create acceptable living conditions on planets before he’ll plop down a couple humans. I really do wonder if he keeps some in storage, or… er, never mind. Anyway he found Mars acceptable and that was the original Eden.

“I don’t want to get into the details about what happened there and what happened here. That is of no importance really, since the final warning glitch for Earth is about to take place. When that happens, you will have only two years left to finish preparations to leave here for the planet you call Venus.

“I was hoping that some of the more technologically advanced here would have already been prepared for some sort of space travel. I mean at least they got it right to get to the moon. And then they even got some instruments on Venus and Mars, but then after putting up an orbiting workstation, it seems they got tired of exploration. Of course that might have been more to do with politics, but…

“At any rate, I am not here to worry about them. When the glitch happens, the atmosphere around Venus will clear, and the surface I have prepared will be visible. If all they want to send is more probes, then so be it. If you follow my instructions, at least you two will survive and become the final Adam and Eve of this universe. (Adam and Eve once again looked away from the visitor and toward each other, as they gulped)

“Ah, not to worry. You are smart enough to pull this off. Or at least you will with the knowledge I give you. Let’s take a walk around the area while I fill you in. (they shrugged again, got up, and followed)

“You see all these strange rock formations? Well, go ahead and touch one. Feels like rock, right? Adam, try hitting it now with the hammer you used to stake your tent. (Adam did so resulting in the rock crumbling away exposing a metal) That metal is from one of the original ships that came here from Mars. All of these rock formations in this area are the same. More than enough for you to make a vehicle to take you to Venus. Now look down here (they observed what appeared to be an entrance to a cave or cavern). I could light the way, but you’ll need to create your own lighting down there, so I suggest you just use your flashlights.

“This was originally the landing spot for one of the Mars vehicles. However, as you have already guessed just by the formations above, this one was not successful. At any rate, this is the perfect position to build your vehicle. You see when the moon collides with the Earth, it will be the catalyst to send your ship on its way. And that will happen exactly two of your years from the time of the glitch, so you must be finished by then, understood? Those on the surface of the planet at that time will observe a second glitch, but this will be the last thing they ever know, as the sun will not light again until the moon collides and they are all thrown into space.”

Chapter three

The metal they found under all the rock formations was extremely malleable, and Adam and Eve had no problems wielding and molding it. The visitor had somehow expressed everything they needed to know, directly into their brains, and building a ship that would take them to Venus turned out to really be “child’s play.”

For the first couple years they only went to the site and worked on it during school breaks and summer vacation, but in the third year, when they were getting ready to return to school, the glitch happened.

The whole world was shook up by the event. Eclipses were not unusual, but this time the moon and sun were not aligned. The sun just suddenly when dark and the planet rapidly began to cool. It only lasted about half an hour, but that was long enough for panic to set in everywhere.

The return of the sun did not end the panic. Everyone wanted answers, and they wanted them now. The only ones not seeking answers, were those that decided it would be a good time to loot. The courts and jails were very busy places for a while.

The scientists could not give an answer, or even a theory, as to what had happened, but at least some had noticed the clearing of the atmosphere on Venus and started the ball rolling on sending probes. None even mentioned the possibility of sending manned craft though.

Business seemed to return to normal, and schools were back in session, so Adam and Eve just spent their time when not in classrooms, gathering supplies (mainly food), and transporting it to the site during breaks, because at the end of the school year they would not be returning.

The hardest part, they knew, would be leaving their families without letting them know what was happening. Plausible stories arranged about traveling abroad would appease their families. But the visitor had been adamant; no one else could ever know what they were up to, because even a close friend or family member could easily let it slip, and if just one person thought there were any truth to it, the word could spread and mobs might arrive.

They graduated from high school, and left their families for the last time, with smiles on their faces though their hearts were surely breaking. They knew that within a year their parents would be notifying the police, state department, maybe the FBI; anyone that might be able to give them an answer as to why their children had never come back.

By that time though, Adam and Eve would be completing the construction of their ship. It still never ceased to amaze them that they had done all this by hand, as though it were done in a pottery class. In fact, the exterior of the ship, with the hatch closed, looked like nothing more than a perfectly symmetrical ball or sphere.

If anyone were able to get a look inside, they would think these kids built themselves a weird little hideaway. It had all the comforts of a better-than-average hotel room - minus windows, but that’s about it. Well, except for the storage containers of supplies. That might make one think of a bomb shelter instead.

By listening to the radio, they were sure the world had no idea how little time it had left. Perhaps that was for the best. What good would it do to know they were all going to perish in a matter of days. They did hear that NASA was thinking of sending another probe to Venus, after the astonishing news came back from the first probe that the atmosphere resembled that of Earth, only cleaner. Images sent back by the probe also had them puzzled though, as it appeared the land also resembled that of Earth, as far as plant life and water. If the second probe verified everything, they would even think about the possibility of a manned excursion at some future date.

“Well,” said Adam, “it would seem our visitor did a good job.”

“Yeah,” responded Eve. “Let’s just hope he created some good animal life as well.”

“We’ll know soon enough,” came back Adam. “It’s time to get settled in and seal the hatch.”

They didn’t hear or see the end of Earth as the sun went out and the moon came crashing down. They didn’t even feel the acceleration caused by that impact, which shot their ship through the cave roof, into space, and toward its final destination.


Forty days (by Earth time) later, the ship carrying Adam and Eve to Venus arrived. It was a soft landing, and only their sleeping pods opening told them they had reached their new home.

“Shall we see what our new home looks like,” asked Eve?

“Let’s go,” replied Adam as he opened the hatch.

Outside the ship, it was hard to believe that they were not still on Earth. The air was fresh and clean, and the scenery was gorgeous. They could even hear sounds of animal life, which made them look at each other and smile. The visitor evidently had done a real good job.

They started dismantling the ship, as they would now use the material to build a permanent structure they could live in, though they had no intention of staying in it long – there was a whole world to explore after all.

That night, looking up at the sky, they could see the planet earth. Or what was left of it anyway. “Want to make a telescope,” asked Adam?

“No,” answered Eve. “There’s nothing to see there anymore.”

It sure seems to me that, as a species, humans spend an inordinate amount of time pondering just what led up to this mess we are in today. There are religious zealots that go to war and kill each other over it and then claim they are all about peace and love; or scientists that rush to be the first to publish some break through discovery and bicker about the details endlessly. It seems to be much ado about nothing to me.

So the assignment is to write a story about how the universe began and mankind originated. Modern scientific theory says that the two events are in fact thirteen point eight billion years apart, which is more than 99.999999999% of the time that the universe has existed. I think I will pass on that since that is far too great a time to chronicle in 1500 words.

Modern western monotheistic dogma says that between five and seven thousand years ago, a great deity created the universe and everything in it, followed by mankind and did this all this in a week with Saturday off for golf. Considering it took me four months to remodel my bathroom, this was a pretty good trick. It gets a little dicey after that when we didn’t follow orders and became downright unmanageable to the point where we all needed to be drowned.

And, let’s not forget the ancient astronaut theory, where some ancient race from a world many light years from us, found this planet and basically planted us here for some as yet unknown reason, hopefully not as a future source of meat. It makes passable TV but I have a hard time believing that the aliens saw Earth as anything more than a convenient spot to replenish supplies on their way to bigger and better things.

Others have told me that everything that it is, was and will be, exists in this moment and we just absorb what we experience as we fall through this cosmic mess. In this world, we would each have infinite pasts and infinite futures but only one present. Somehow I can’t quite wrap my brain around that one and am suspicious that those who claim they do have been playing around with too many controlled substances.

Not much of a story is that? Forgive the digression, for the reason I speak so assuredly is that I know the real story. It was revealed to me on a mountain top after I had consumed a mixture of herbs that were said to endow one with prophetic powers. I was doing this to prove that the native myths were wrong or at least give me the next winning Powerball numbers. It turned out that I was the one gravely mistaken. I did this when I was a young man not the crumpled up soul you see before you now. It would surely kill me now. If you are considering trying this for yourself, let me just say the extreme nausea and vomiting followed by passing out, makes this an experience only for the truly committed.

I found myself looking down on a city made entirely of light. There was a couple there and while they were not human, they were similar enough that they may have been created in the image of humans. Then again, the visions were often interrupted by explosions of color and distortions of sound.

I remember the conversation like it was yesterday.

“There is no way I will consent to it.”

“But the boy has been asking for millennia. He did so well in school this century and he is mature for his age….I just thought it would be a great surprise.”

“The package is clearly marked ‘Not for Children under one hundred million years of age.’”

“The legal department makes them put that on there. Really, what could be the harm? He would be so thrilled.”

“Well you know, if he gets one, little Rebekah is going to want one too. Clearly she is too young.”

“Don’t punish the boy for being the oldest. He is growing up and this could teach him a little responsibility. He is going to have to find plenty of that in the next few million years.”

“Alright, I am not totally convinced but if he takes good care of it, it could be a good experience. And if he doesn’t, you are to flush the whole thing down the toilet.”

“Yes dear, I promise”

I remained suspended above the city of light for a very long time. I wish I knew exactly how long but had lost all concept of time and space hanging in the darkness, looking down on the city, there was nothing to gauge against until….

I blinked my eyes and I was in the corner of a room on the ceiling, like a spider in a web waiting for my next meal. Days and weeks went by and I observed. A boy would come into the room every afternoon and he always looked disappointed. He would watch the wall where you could see stories playing out and what looked like he was doing homework. I could see the lettering on the papers he was working but I could not read it since the characters were strange and foreign to me. Later he would turn out the lights and sleep. In the morning he would walk out of the room and I wouldn’t see him till afternoon.

I was aware what had put me in this position and assumed the concoction had killed me and this was some kind of afterlife. It reminded me of that movie. “Groundhog day”.

One day, just after the boy arrived in the room, I heard a familiar voice.

“Ezekiel, there is a package down here for you.” And with that the boy bolted from the room with a look of excitement that I had never seen on him before.

Moments later he ran back in and threw a huge box on the bed and started clawing it open. Then that same voice, “Ezekiel, be sure you read the directions before you play with that.”

“Yes, Mom.” That was the first time I had heard him speak or even utter a sound. He then pulled out a sixteen million page book and started reading it half aloud. He read that book straight through the night.

“Ezekiel, time to get ready for school.” This one was loud enough to rattle the dwelling.

“Aw, Mom, do I have to?”

“Yes, you can go back to your toy in the morning.”

The boy spent the next three nights reading the book and slept a bit on the fourth night when he finished. I hadn’t caught much, he read so fast and it was all stuff I failed in school, odd bits of words like amino acids, quantum something, parsec… There was some math that certainly was beyond my comprehension not to mention subjects I had never heard of.

On the next day the boy constructed a huge transparent box from parts in his original package. The transparent box was gigantic, even larger than the room we were in, which of course is impossible. He then began filling it with water, not with a container or a hose but by just willing it to fall out of the air. I couldn’t believe my eyes anymore.

When the box was full, the boy was stirring in a powder from the package. It looked like salt but as it dissolved the water turned black, not like black coffee but super dark like ink. As he was stirring his sister walked in. She was obviously much younger but very curious.

“Whatcha making?”

“Cosmic soup, if you must know.”

“Can I help?”



The boy then just sat and waited. He would look out the window then sigh.

His sister came back in the room and he said, “Rebekah, you can stay but be quiet. If you talk they will hear you and you will ruin everything.”

When it was completely dark out the window, the boy turned off the lights. I could barely see but he appeared to take a small object, about the size of a pea, out of the box and ever so carefully dropped it into the black water.

For the longest time nothing happened then there was a pop and flash of light. The light grew in the tank slowly and spread across the entire tank, looking like the night sky with its thousands of glittery bits.

The boy could touch on the outside of the box and “zoom in”. He seemed fascinated with one tiny blue green planet. When he zoomed more he saw the surface and animals that eventually turned into beings that looked human from my vantage point and eventually he zoomed to just one creature and then he spoke. I heard the word Moses but the rest of it was in a language I did not understand. The boy repeated this several times and seemed fascinated with the creature he called Moses.

After a few minutes the boy was zoomed in on another being and he was addressing this one as Joseph. I still could not understand the language and as a strained to hear I found myself waking up from my concoction induced coma. The last thing I remember hearing was Rebekah’s voice saying “Mom, can I have my own Sea Monkeys?”