Bonus: Find Five Faults 2017
 Sep 6, 2017

This is an Advanced Level Bonus contest

It's time to relive some childhood memories, and create one of those classic "find five faults" pictures! You can shoot two versions of a motif, or you can shoot one and remove stuff in post-ed, it's up to you, as long as five things are amiss in one of the versions. So go shoot a fitting subject and make five things disappear! Like in the example above! (Can you spot them all?)

A pillow, Bob's slippers, the dumbbells, a few DVDs from the pile and liquid from the glass (cheers :cheers:)

Important notice: In this contest you are allowed to use two images, that is you are allowed to show us two "versions" of "the same" shot.

You have 14 days to enter, followed by 3 days of voting

Important Notice
All entries must abide by the entry requirements as stated in the FAQs

A full list of editing allowances and restrictions for contests can be found here.

Thanks to MsgtBob for supplying our themepost!
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