Bonus: Go Green Poster 2017
 Aug 9, 2017

This is an Advanced Level Bonus contest

This contest is a bonus contest where we ask you to create a poster as a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to convince the people of the world to 'Go Green'.

You MUST add text to your image to make it into a poster and your text must include the words 'Go Green'.

Note that apart from the addition of text, the presentation of your image itself must follow the normal processing rules of Dagger Bay's Advanced processing allowances.

You may combine multiple images to form a collage if you want to, but no funny business - this is not the effects deck ;)

Good Luck!

You have 14 days to enter, followed by 3 days of voting

Important Notice
All entries must abide by the entry requirements as stated in the FAQs

A full list of editing allowances and restrictions for contests can be found here.

Thanks to essjaynz for supplying our themepost!
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