New Slogan for the DesignCrowd 'Community Section'
 Mar 8, 2016

Do you know what the slogan for the Design Crowd Community section is? If you're drawing a blank, you got it right, there isn't one! Apparently they got rid of all the textors a bit on the early side. So let's help them out! In 25 words or less come up with a new, witty, perhaps a bit mocking, memorable slogan for their community contest site!

Hey, you should be able to do it in 25 words. After all, they did it with 0. :eek:

(Note: there is a limit of three entries for this contest, so give us your three best ones!, One slogan per entry)

Thanks to Diogenese for the Theme Pic.
1st place

Everything you can imagine is real. Imagine we care.

There's a website from down under,
Who came to steal Worth's thunder;
They promised a site;
Delivered a fright!
A major massive blunder!

Artistic talent is a terrible thing to waste. Join us and get wasted.
3rd place

No, we can't figure out why we bothered either.

Just grab an image from the Internet and enter it as your own, because hey, we don't really care what you people do here anyway.
4th place

Design Crowd Community. Where artists come to be exploited.
4th place

Post your artistic creations to our free community contest page. It's almost as good as taping it to your refrigerator!
5th place

Design Crowd - Where the delusional disappoint the illusional.
6th place

Re-ratcheting cogs in the web-works of cognitive dissonance since 2015.
7th place

Design Crowd is looking for Web Coders and Project Managers, experience not required.
8th place

"Change for the Worse1000"
9th place

Where Vultures Prey
10th place

We may not be a community per se, but we do have contests.
11th place

Enter our community contests and win BIG!!!*

* No cash or prizes actually awarded. Winner liable for all legal consequences arising from entering these contests.
11th place

Community Contests where you can earn points! Which improves your standing on the leader board! Which you can see at.. Oh look, a squirrel!

At DesignCrowd, we crowd YOU out!
13th place

Sagan said it best: "We should've sent a poet."

Then we did. Away.
14th place

Just like Worth1000! Really! Why are you looking at me like that? Um, oh look, a squirrel!