And Now for Something Completely Different...
 Apr 2, 2017

We are going to try something new. The writing contest entry form does allow for pictures, we're going to see how that works. You can't load a picture in directly with drag and drop, you need to load it to your album first, then use the URL between the image tags.

Your entry must contain one picture, and a caption for that picture. You must have created the picture yourself through whatever means you desire, including a photo you took, chopped, an illustration, or 3D art, and it doesn't have to be new for this contest. You may use a previous entry, or any other of your creations you want. IE - shoe boxing is allowed for the picture for this contest.

The caption you write for the picture must be new, and is subject to the usual Daggerbay rules. It can be as long or short as you want, up to 250 words (we want a caption, not a story).

The caption must be part of the entry, not in the authors comments. You of course can use the author's comments box for whatever else you want as usual.

Hit List: Speech Balloons in the Picture. The text must be a caption, not in the picture itself

Further Notes: To place a picture, use the BBCode after placing it in your album. The maximum width without scrolling seems to be around 600 pixels, You probably should keep it under that. Also the text entries seem to wipe out when you try to edit them, so make sure you keep a copy off the site if you need to make changes.

Contest Rules
* Entry Fee: Free
* Prize: Advanced Trophy
* Level: Advanced
* Character Limits: 250 words or less fewer.
* Submit period: 15 days
* Voting period: 2 days
* All regular Writing Deck Rules apply.
* Multiple entries are allowed in this contest.

Thanks to TerryLea for supplying our themepost!
1st place

I am homeward bound, like Art Garfunkle. Or maybe I am searching for patterns... I am not sure anymore. The rain reflects lights and shadow back to me and I see them through a windshield darkly. They say you can't go home again... that sometimes when things are left they are left for good.

We worship gods... not of spirit... but of chain and steel. Hydraulic oil pumping through their veins. They hide in the dark places of grease, rust, and dirt. But we find them. Make them live. And bow down before them.

"We are trinity," they said to me. They had a head full of gears and hearts run by springs and hard liquor. "Will you tell me the meaning of life?" I asked... but my question fell on deaf ears... I mean who could hear anything over the roar of the engines and the whistle of steam.
5th place

Da Return of Da Hat: New Threads, New Chicks, Same old Rubes.

Dare I speak of Mary... with her hair of soot and metal fragments. Will she wake from piston Dreams... her eyes popping open with a rusty click. Her mind on far away loves... and lovers lost... and love yet to be. Has she traveled down too many dusty roads looking for redemption. Hands held out to no one.
6th place

8th place

There are dragons in the darkness. They hide in the ashes of an old world and are birthed to life through rusted eggs. We have all become Grendel... or his mother in this brave new world. We stand on our watchtowers under dark sky's... searching for a little light.
8th place

AP: Observers on the ground initially thought this must be a lost balloon from the Macy's parade, but then realized it wasn't November. They then thought it must be for Halloween, but realized it was not October either. Next was an April fool's joke, but it is March, not April. What happened after that was indescribable. Full story on page three.