Photo Restoration
 Apr 19, 2017

In this contest, we’re inviting you to participate in a photo restoration contest.

Any amount of post-processing is allowable, including colorization.

Please download your copy HERE

This photo is of Robert Krebs, a nephew of Loafer's Great Grandmother Elizabeth Gilguin, who immigrated to the U.S. (Chicago) from Trier, Germany in 1870. Loafer would like to post this photo on his family tree, in hopes that some long lost relative will find it. He thinks colorizing of the photo would be great.


Have fun and be creative!
Entry is free and you may submit more than one entry.
Prizes will be virtual trophies.
Remember, we will remove poor quality entries no matter how much we like you.
You will have five days for this one, so make your entry count!
1st place

2nd place

3rd place

4th place

6th place

7th place

10th place

11th place

12th place