The Far Side Unauthorized
 Jan 16, 2017

Gary Larson is an American cartoonist. He is the creator of The Far Side, a single-panel cartoon series that was syndicated internationally to over 1,900 newspapers for fifteen years.

The rules of this game are thus: You are to use choose any Far Side cartoon and remake it as a real image!

* This contest is not associated with, endorsed or approved by Gary Larson and FarWorks, Inc.


Have fun and be creative!
Entry is free and you may submit more than one entry.
Prizes will be virtual trophies.
Remember, we will remove poor quality entries no matter how much we like you. You will have five days for this one, so make your entry count!
Good Luck!

Special thanks to Shorra for our fabulous themepost!
1st place

2nd place

4th place

5th place

6th place

9th place