Celebrities Playing Santa!
 Dec 23, 2016

A great mall Santa has a full white beard, knowing eyes, a jolly laugh, and just the right amount of wrinkles (or ironically few). He's hard to describe, but you know him when you see him.

Our themepost celebrity might change your mind about being too old to sit on Santa’s lap! George Clooney as Santa Claus suddenly makes the idea of perching on Santa’s knee as a grown woman far less creepy…

Your task for this contest is to take any celebrity and dress them up as Santa!


Have fun and be creative!
Entry is free and you may submit more than one entry.
Prizes will be virtual trophies.
Remember, we will remove poor quality entries no matter how we like you. You will have five days for this one, so make your entry count!
Good Luck!

Special thanks to pamelap's daughter Erin, who created our wonderful George Clooney Santa!
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4th place

5th place

7th place