Beastly Buccaneers 2
 Jan 10, 2017

Get ready me hearties! For this contest we want to see how our animal shipmates would look if we asked them to join us in Dagger Bay. They'd need to look the part, and that's where you come in. Take an animal, and use your favourite image manipulation software to dress it up in pirate togs. And to make it even more interesting, we're allowing any creature that's not human - birds, fish, insects are all fair game here.

Your image should be photo realistic. Some illustrated elements, like shadows and highlights, are permissible but remember, this is a photo manipulation contest.

DON'T use movie posters from "Pirates of the Caribbean" as a main source. We want to see YOUR creativity here! Entries that have an animal face placed on top of Cap'n Jack Sparrow will be sent to Davy Jones' Locker (a.k.a. DQ'd).

This contest is open to all skill levels.

Thanks to Dutchpuh for supplying our themepost!
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