Fortune Cookie
 Nov 18, 2016

OK, I didn't have any fortune cookies in my runtime, a magic eight ball will have to do ;)

So, you are finishing up at the Chinese restaurant, open your fortune cookie, and it says... what?

Since it is a little scrap of paper, space is limited: 20 words max.

You may enter as many times as you like, and while this is an advanced contest (So everybody can participate) the prize is a beginner trophy.

Contest Rules
* Entry Fee: Free
* Prize: Beginner Medal
* Level: Advanced It's a fortune cookie fortune though, and grammar is sometimes iffy on those... so grammar rules are relaxed. It has to sound like what you'd get out of a fortune cookie.
* Word Limits: 20 words
* Submit period: 12 days
* Voting period: 2 days
* All regular Writing Deck Rules apply.
* Multiple entries are allowed in this contest, however, any entry not meeting 'advanced' standards will be disqualified. So take your time, proofread carefully, and make your entry count.

Good luck!

All the limitations you imagine you have, are real.

Congratulations! The fate of the early worm is yours today!
3rd place

Confucius says, a homely girl who takes selfies in mirror may reflect badly.
4th place

Your memories are all you take with you, make good ones.
5th place

You will be rich in your life if you value what is most important.
6th place

Confucius says, jobless man can be cured with work.
7th place

One who wishes to win a contest must first enter.
8th place

You are a treasure in someone’s life.
8th place

Years pass quickly, some of the hours, not so much.
8th place

Tomorrow will be a great day, if tomorrow comes.
11th place

Diet, exercise, and clean living... do not get you into heaven any sooner.
11th place

Confucius says, man who spends all his money on strippers will have poor results.
13th place

Take the moral high ground... but remember you will be an easy target for snipers
14th place

You must close the door to opportunity completely before you can open it.
14th place

Considering the alternative, getting old isn’t so bad.
16th place

Always pay attention. Do not ignore that.
17th place

The guy across the table will stick you with the bill.
17th place

If you see a mole crossing the road, run over it.
19th place

One cannot predict the unpredictable.
20th place

Even a rotten apple holds a star.

The devil is in the details. But it's the rum that puts you on stage with the karaoke microphone.
22nd place

If your life is like a country music song. Make the most of it and drink more moonshine.
23rd place

Be careful of what you eat -- what it is may not be what it seems to be.
24th place

You look like you need cheesecake.
25th place

Confucious say: good voice may sing for supper. You pay!
26th place

Coffee was created to filter fish poop out of your water.
26th place

The road to Hell may be paved with good intentions, but your actions are the vehicle in which you travel down it.
28th place

Why are you reading this? Go pay for your food. We're running a business, not a charity.
29th place

"You no buy ticket - You no win lottery."
29th place

Someone thinks you are good looking, no accounting for taste.
31st place

You will overcome you're
obsession with grammar.
32nd place

The cookie was poisoned, slow slorry.
33rd place

Swift relief will come to you, though others may not like its effects on them.

Hard times will come, but in them things will flow smoothly.
35th place

"Good tip come to one who wait."