What a Tweet!
 Jun 20, 2016

In this contest we want to hear what historical figures- both real and imaginary - would have Tweeted had Twitter been around.

Edit: By "historical" I mean anybody or any stereotype we would recognize that existed before Twitter was around. In more recent events, it would have to be somebody at the event that had to have passed away before Twitter came into existence. For example you could have a tweet from Jimi Hendrix about Woodstock, but not Joe Cocker.

Twitter started its existence in 2006.

Since this is a Tweet, there is a strict limit of 140 characters NOT including who the quote is from, ie:

[Up to 140 character tweet] + who said it and an optional when it was said.

You may use hashtags as part of your tweet

Looks like its back to Elba #waterloo -Napoleon

for example

You may enter as many times as you like, and while this is an advanced contest (So everybody can participate) the prize is a beginner trophy.

Contest Rules
* Entry Fee: Free
* Prize: Beginner Medal
* Level: Advanced (All members may enter, but judging uses 'advanced' criteria.)
* Character Limits: Strict 140 characters - see above.
* Submit period: 12 days
* Voting period: 2 days
* All regular Writing Deck Rules apply.
* Multiple entries are allowed in this contest, however, any entry not meeting 'advanced' standards will be disqualified. So take your time, proofread carefully, and make your entry count.

Good luck!
1st place

My, the web has a lot of cake recipes! (Marie Antoinette)
2nd place

Hey, sorry Brutus, I thought sure you were on my friends list. All's good now, right? #IdesofMarch (Julius Caesar)
2nd place

Google maps sure came in handy crossing the Delaware! (George Washington)
2nd place

Met a cute boy at the ball tonight, wearing tights and a mask. I hope I see him again! #WhereforeArtThou #DeathToMontagues #CapsForever

Fired the Quartermaster today, we ran out of ice for the drinks #maidenvoyage – Captain Edward J Smith, April 14th 1912
4th place

Whats for dinner? - Michael Rockefeller

Sorry Chris, India trip canx. We can get all tea we want on Amazon. #FedExdelivers (Queen Isabella)
5th place

I found a great deal for a horse on ebay! (King Richard III)
5th place

Give me 4G or give me death! (Patrick Henry)
6th place

Busy Day: 1) invent fire, 2) discover fire hot, 4) invent swearing #originalrollingstone - Og
7th place

I regret that I have but one battery left for this device. (Nathan Hale)
7th place

Just picked up a brand new ax on sale at Walmart #40whacks - Lizzie Border
7th place

I tweet, therefore I am. What do you mean somebody already said that? Hmmph... I sue, therefore I am #renaissance - René Descartes
8th place

About to have a ham sandwich before bed, mmmmm, gonna be so delicious!!! Nighty night. #themamas&thepapas