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 Sep 30, 2020

Well you clamored for it (one of you anyway) so by popular demand, here it is! And by one of you, I mean me!

Yes! After deleting thousands and thousands of spam posts most with seemingly random subject lines to get past a spam filter we don't have anyway...

I've come up with a contest!

What we are looking for is a string of seemingly random words which yet manage to communicate a subject. There should be at least 5 words and up to 10 in any one entry.

Enter as many times as you like just like the spambots, one subject line per entry. You can use the subject line of the entry to give us a hint about what the subject is about, or anything else your heart desires.

Rating entries: I haven't the foggiest what the criteria should be. Let's try humor.

Contest Rules
* Entry Fee: Free
* Prize: Advanced Trophy
* Level: Advanced
* Word Limits Around 5-10 just like the spambots use. hard upper limit of 15
* Submit period: 21 days
* Voting period: 2 days
* All regular Writing Deck Rules apply.
* Many Multiple entries are allowed in this contest.

Thanks to MsgtBob for supplying our themepost!
1st place

Stupor Cal Tech Fraggle Cystic Expert Cialis Doses
2nd place

Limp Gimp fix photo no extortion price why pay for free.

Uttering Excrement Crustacea Emitting Profound Putridness

Frankfurter management. Octopus plonk rashly; healthcare pajamas marshmallow
5th place

Now pretty picture no more ugly blank wall change monthly cheap calendars.
5th place

Squawking Parrot Not Jafar Second Color

Juicy yellow stream of consciousness like pill for fathers

Herco Flo Rida Xgeva Quavo Nayo Viibryd Adcetris Zytiga Yervoy Interesterified Fats Incivek

Falafel daintily; antisocial wainscotting? Messerschmitt loophole, dodo puzzles

IRS To Verify CBD Gummies iCloud Account
11th place

Big sale - slight cracked faberge eggs no one notice in case.

Intestinal hamster clockwork, outrageously refrigerator gammarays churn Begonias

Juxtaposing lightly marmots cuff newspaper; xylophonists

Vote for Donald J. Trump.
14th place

Canadian Americans make eh? Against hot mother walkways!

Canadian Viagra Banhammer Ouch Flattened Bye-bye

An ad for Viagra.

"If you swallow a blue Viagra pill, you'll experience engorgement below the belt."

Yeti bathyscaphe query profits, Dardanelles heavily lampshades
14th place

Endless Quests Never Resolved With Five Acorns
14th place

Two Devils Many Foods Pet Dragon Dental Woes

nattering nabobs of negativism not withstanding never mind

Ad for a massage-parlor.