Mother's Day! Again?
 May 7, 2016

Mother's Day! Is there any finer tradition?

It's just under two weeks until we celebrate Mother's Day in the US. (May 8 this year)
A day dedicated to paying tribute to that dear, sweet lady who did so much for us.
A day to pay five dollars for a 'pre-printed' card from the discount store because you don't have time to write her a real letter.

For this contest why don't we write our own Mother's Day card? There are (at least) two options:

* Perhaps you had the best mother ever, and you'd like to tell the world just how perfect she was.
* Or perhaps she did little more than make you fend for yourself, and it's time to tell her how you really feel.

You choose the sentiment you wish to express. And the voters will choose which is the most endearing or entertaining.
(Warning: Some of the entries submitted to this contest may not be suitable for actual use.)

Contest Rules
* Entry Fee: Free
* Prize: Beginner Medal
* Level: Short Entry
* Word Limit: <100
* Submit period: 9 days
* Voting period: 2 days
* All regular Writing Deck Rules apply.
* Any entry not meeting Writing Deck standards will be DQed, so compose and proofread carefully.
* Multiple entries are allowed in this contest.

Good luck.

Thanks to dixieodoodles for supplying our themepost!
1st place

Your perfect life is so complete,
All other moms just can't compete.
The rest raise social invalids,
But you reared healthy, happy kids.

An answer for each need I feel,
As mothers go, you are ideal.
A reputation none can taint.
They should acclaim you as a saint.
2nd place

Too many times to count are the days you sacrificed for us;
Tho' it oft seemed unnoticed.
We never knew what it was to go without,
Or even to delay.

When miracles were needed and the subject of prayer,
You found means to create them.
Always ready with a wise word or a comforting touch;
To give a troubled soul peace.

Those past sunny days yet illuminate our present homes,
Disappearing not from the heart.
Yet were it possible to return to those times,
We must forbear to go.

Your daily example of inspiration and courage against odds,
Day by day and year by year,
Still provide strength to press on through our struggles,
That we may be like you.
3rd place

Time of great fondness it now appears,
The laughter and tears of my formative years.

Few were the meals with a taste of meat;
But cans of baked beans were a frequent treat.

Digging for sox through the laundry pile,
And finding a shirt without holes made me smile.

Wishing just once to be known as cool,
But always the last to be chosen at school.

Now I don't know how you stayed so calm,
You did pretty good for an unmarried mom.