Bonus: My Neck of the Woods - August
 Sep 4, 2020

My Neck of the Woods is a series of contests where you are invited to show us some aspect of where you live in each current month of the year. It can be specific to your country or to your local neighborhood or family, it’s up to you. Any subject is good such as landscapes and scenery, urban photography, buildings, festivals and events, celebrations, local characters, landmarks, transport, the weather, absolutely anything you choose! :-)

In order to give total freedom of expression the normal Advanced contest rules are set aside and you may produce your image however you like, a single shot, a montage or combined images.

Please note: ALL content and effects must be your own work. All images used must be taken by you. Site rules still apply, decency, respect etc.

Each contest will run for one month. followed by 4 days voting.

Good Luck!
2nd place

3rd place

4th place