Bonus: Design a Stamp
 May 27, 2020

Design a stamp, any subject you like. It can be something regional, something topical, serious or funny. Even sales promotion stamps are ok. The only things you must include are a value (FOREVER is ok) a title or region and a perforated edge effect. Do the perforation however you like, there are frames and tutorials or just use a brush, it don't need to be perfect. And you don't need to have glue on the back. We are still living through strange times, you can't get out to shoot, so this contest has no rules except THE MAIN IMAGE MUST BE YOURS. Apart from that use whatever you like to achieve your desired result.

Good luck, have fun!

Usual site rules apply, behave yourselves, no smut, no cussin'

Thanks to kimbomac for supplying our themepost!
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