BONUS EXTRA: Photo Story
 May 8, 2019

Thanks to MyMindsEye for this great contest idea!

This is a Bonus contest with a little extra for all the writers out there. We want you to take or make an image and write a short story to go with it. There are no photo editing rules in this contest, you may use a single photo or you may combine/chop images BUT this is the Photo deck so all images must be your own, no using stock photos

The story can be anything you choose, serious or funny, just write or paste it into the 'Artist's comments or caption' box when you upload the entry, as in the theme post example above. It can be as short or long as you like, it's completely up to you. Even captions will do if you are stuck for words, but voting will be on the overall merit of the entry, both the story and the image, so all you storytellers can show us your skills!

This is a Bonus Extra contest which will take a little thought so you will have plenty of time, the contest will run for the 30 days of April.

Good Luck! :-)

Please ensure the entry is within the basic site rules, safe for work etc.