2019 Calendar Corsair Challenge - January
 Feb 13, 2019

NOTE: This is a CLOSED CONTEST that requires competitors to sign up beforehand in the forum 2019 Calendar Corsair Challenge thread. (Last day to sign up is Jan 25th). Further new participants may be considered until voting begins, please apply by PM to any Photo deck QM.

The goal of this challenge is to shoot a coherent series of pictures that could be used to create a calendar.

We will host one contest each month, the goal of which may be to depict that specific time of year, or to simply to have a cohesive set of shots that would look good together.

This contest is for the month of January

Bear in mind that seasons and traditions vary around the globe so explaining your choice of subject in the author comments could be a good idea.

All normal Dagger Bay Photography rules apply.

Your image must be a single image and no text may be added. The themepost is not indicative of the type of entry that has been agreed by all participants.

The submission period for this contest will end at 11.59 Dagger Bay time on February 10th, followed by a voting period of 3 days.

We remind you to maintain anonymity during the contest.

Good luck!

Please Note:
* No shoeboxing. Each shot needs to be taken during the relevant calendar month.

Special thanks to C-Max for the themepost
1st place

1st place

4th place

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7th place

7th place

9th place