FREESTYLE: Decorations
 Dec 27, 2018

This is a Freestyle contest:

Please read all about Freestyle contests here

'Tis the season to be merry. Decorations are all around especially at Christmas time, in the streets, the shops and the home. Show us your best examples of decorations, shiny, colourful, artistic, whimsical or meaningful. Straight shots, montages, do this any way you choose. If you don't do Christmas that's no problem. We'll take cake decorations, birthday celebrations, medals, tribal decorations, ribbons and bows, all are welcome here, so it's whatever floats your boat guys, anything that fits.

Freestyle contests are here to offer total artistic freedom of expression. Your image may be a simple but stunning single shot, it may be a complex mix of photos and textures, it may be anything you choose.

ALL Photos and effects must be your own work, please see here

Good Luck!

You have 14 days to create your entry followed by 3 days of voting.

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