Nov 20, 2018

This is a Freestyle contest:

Please read all about Freestyle contests here

Anything wooden, natural or man made, whatever you choose. Toys, tools, furniture, clogs, anything you like. Show us that lovely textured grain, those shiny lacquered surfaces, those crazy things that spin around, what are they called ... tops, that's it, tops! Any presentation, superb frame straight off the camera or multi-layered montage.

Freestyle contests are here to offer total artistic freedom of expression. Your image may be a simple but stunning single shot, it may be a complex mix of photos and textures, it may be anything you choose.

ALL Photos and effects must be your own work, please see here

Good Luck!

You have 14 days to create your entry followed by 3 days of voting.

Important Notice
All entries must abide by the entry requirements as stated in the FAQs
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