Oct 23, 2018

This is a Freestyle contest:

Please read all about Freestyle contests here

Trees in all their wondrous glory, some tall and straight, some gnarled and twisted, some young, some old, maybe covered in colourful leaves, maybe bare or wintry with marvellous bark and branches. It don't have to be an entire tree, all tree related content is ok ... this includes branches, leaves, tree dwelling creatures (in context) ... we'll even include kites or deck chairs which have attached themselves lovingly to a tree.

Your image can be a fantastic single shot or a compilation in any form, textured or plain, it is entirely up to you.
Freestyle contests are here to offer total artistic freedom of expression. Your image may be a simple but stunning single shot, it may be a complex mix of photos and textures, it may be anything you choose.

ALL Photos and effects must be your own work, please see here

Good Luck!

You have 14 days to create your entry followed by 3 days of voting.

Important Notice
All entries must abide by the entry requirements as stated in the FAQs
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