Click Bait
 Jul 22, 2018

If you surf the web at all you are bound to have come across them. Those headlines designed to make you click on a link.

Retro Photo's of Icons from the 1970's and 80s
33 Unedited WW2 Photographs - Look Closer
kid disrespects parent... and then this happened

You know what's going to happen if you click on it - you are going to be (at best) run through 30 or so single pages, one picture each, with a whole bunch of advertising, dubious links, and other garbage. The item that actually got you there will appear on page 28 - if at all. But you click anyway.

That's what we are looking for in this contest. A 25 word or less headline designed to make you click even though you should know better.

You may enter as many times as you want, but only one click bait item per entry.

Contest Rules
* Entry Fee: Free
* Prize: Advanced Trophy
* Level: Advanced
* Character Limits 25 words or less
* Submit period: 21 days
* Voting period: 2 days
* All regular Writing Deck Rules apply.
* Multiple entries are allowed in this contest.

Thanks to HoboKing for supplying our themepost!
1st place

REPORT: Science Fiction is Science FACT - Skynet is Real!
US Sources confirm extraterrestrial technologies tapped for global defense system.
Full story here.
2nd place

The Top 1000 Liked Posts On Dagger Bay By MsgtBob
3rd place

20 famous celebs you thought were men... but are actually livestock!
4th place

What happens if you click the comment button in the box below without typing anything in the comment box? Resist the temptation to find out.

THIS was found in World Cup team's locker room... Unbelievable!

Just one look at this photo, taken in a famous diet food manufacturing plant, will have you losing your lunch.
6th place

See world's toughest dental floss be used to tow battleship!
6th place

Legendary Rock Icons announce long anticipated 50th anniversary/reunion tour.
Insiders confirm Preparations are underway for one-off US date.
Read More Here.
9th place

Underdog finally admits why he stopped tweeting

Shed years off your skin using this long-forgotten household tactic

Never before seen, classified NASA photograph the President isn't even cleared to see. Haley's Comet is really an alien vessel.
11th place

Shocking Find Revealed:
This Prehistoric Species believed long extinct, discovered alive in remote jungle of South America.
Scientist seek DNA for reproduction research.
Read More.
13th place

Hot single ladies from Bangladesh -- Meet your soulmate today!

10 "Superfoods" That Aren't Really Super At All

Scientists make unprecedented discovery -- Find out more!

Ex-girlfriend drops bombshell at McArthur murder trail
17th place

Pee Wee Herman's movie theater video shows a little too much...