Anthropomorphism 2
 Jun 7, 2018

Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics and purposes to inanimate objects, animals, plants or other natural phenomena.

In this contest we want you to give an animal or inanimate object, or both, human physical traits.

Entertain us with your clever, imaginative conceptions!

This is the Effects deck which means photo realism is the aim. If your desire is to draw, check out our wonderful Illustration deck.

Thanks to daniloco for supplying our themepost!


Have fun and be creative!
Entry is free and you may submit more than one entry.
Prizes will be virtual trophies.
Remember, we will remove poor quality entries no matter how much we like you.
You will have five days for this one, so make your entry count!

Good Luck!
1st place

2nd place

4th place

5th place

6th place