Manga - Traditional Style
 Sep 23, 2018

We've held a Manga contest before (you can see it HERE) where the style was open to interpretation. But for this contest we're asking you to create a manga image in the more traditional cartoon style. If you do a google image search on "traditional manga" you'll see the style we're looking for.

This is an Illustration Contest. You can use any traditional or digital media to create your entry, and it can be in any style. You should NOT use any 3D or photographic elements or textures in this contest, and the work should be entirely your own.

Please note that you may use photos for reference, but under no circumstances should you submit a paint-over as it is likely to be disqualified.

Thanks to BadWolf for supplying our themepost!

This contest is open to all levels.
You have 14 days to submit your entries.
You may submit more than one entry.
Voting will be for 2 days.
Entry is free.
Prizes will be virtual trophies.

All normal Illustration Deck Rules apply.

Good Luck!
1st place

2nd place

4th place