General FAQ

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What is Dagger Bay?
Dagger Bay is a community of artists from many disciplines who socialize online and compete with each other regularly to hone their skills and share what they've learned with other members of our virtual family.

What is the general atmosphere here like?
We're a friendly, yet competitive bunch. For new people this is an atmosphere of learning. You will find some incredible talent here and may be surprised at how quickly they will offer tips. Learning and fun come first, while competition and winning come second. We consider ourselves a family, and so we strongly discourage negative comments against other members or their entries. We prefer a calm and relaxing atmosphere in which to have fun.

What is a Deck?
Dagger Bay divides the major artistic fields into Decks -- Photo Effects, Illustration, Photography, and Writing. Each deck runs its own contests with specific voting guidelines.

What are Quartermasters?
Quartermasters have authority to oversee all aspects of the Dagger Bay site. They run contests, promote fair voting, moderate the forums, and ensure that guidelines are followed.

How do I enter contests?
First you must become a registered member of Dagger Bay. Then you must read the rules for entering the desired contest to be sure you are qualified. Most contests require the payment of a few credits to enter. If you are unable or unwilling to pay, you may enter for free or seek a sponsor. If you enter a contest without paying, your entry will still be voted on and you can see how your work compares to the other entries, but you will not be eligible for any trophies.

What size should image entries be?
Image entries should be a minimum of 600 pixels on the shortest side, and a maximum of 1600 pixels on the longest side. Be aware that we may reduce larger sized images to 800 pixels if we feel it necessary. File sizes should be less than 1MB. The image formats of JPEG, GIF & PNG are supported.

What happens if my entry is disqualified?
The Quartermaster will site message you with an explanation why. If your entry is DQ'd while the submit period is still open, you will have the opportunity to make the needed correction or exchange it for a different entry. If it is DQ'd during the voting period, no reinstatement will be possible. DQ'd entries are not eligible for a refund of the entry cost.

How does voting work?
Registered members have the ability to rate entries on a scale of 1 - 10. The better the entry, the higher the score you should award. Giving a score that deviates greatly from the entry's average score is considered bad practice and will reduce your voting power (karma). Continued unfair voting can lead to removal of your membership. So don't give your friend's poor entry a 10 and its competitor 1s. You are also not allowed to hold multiple memberships in order to cast more than one vote.

What is Voting Karma?
Voting Karma is your voting power. This is what determines how much weight your vote will carry toward the overall weighted average of the entries. All new members begin with a karma of 1point. Voting Karma advances through continued fair voting, and through voting on as many contests and entries as possible. Voting Karma will max out at 100 points. Voting Karma can be lost through unfair voting or through voting on only a single entry in a contest.

Do I have to vote on every image?
Ideally, yes; but we recognize it's not always possible. If you begin voting on entries in a contest, you should vote on at least 75% of them or you will lose karma. It is also considered good citizenship to rate all the entries in a contest that you have entered. (No, it is not possible to vote for you own entry.)

Do voters know who made each entry?
No. The artists' identities remains hidden until the contest has ended. Thus, artists must not put their name on their entry, in the title, or in the artist's comments. Also do not put any links, site names, or URL's in your comments. Identifying comments will be removed by a Quartermaster. If identifying marks are within the image the entry will be DQ'd.

Am I allowed to use two different accounts?
No. Never. Under no circumstances. Seriously.

What kind of feedback on entries is forbidden?
Purely negative feedback is inappropriate and won't be tolerated. Users like advice and constructive feedback when they've requested it. Such feedback must be polite and clearly not antagonistic. Remember there is a person with human feelings reading every word you write.

Accusations of stealing an image or an idea are inappropriate to make publicly. Such comments or suspicions should be directed privately to the Quartermasters via site message or by flagging the entry.