Brawl FAQ


Table of contents

What is a Dagger Bay Brawl?
The Brawls are where you get to make up contests of your own and challenge other members. You get to set the rules, the theme and the general framework of your Brawl yourselves. You can hold a contest with only a few of you, or call out to everyone to join you, it’s up to you!

How do I propose a Brawl?
Start by creating a new thread in the Brawls Forum. The title of the thread should be the name of your brawl. Use this template to set it up:

TYPE: Effects, Photography, Illustration, Writing etc. It can also involve multiple decks, for example a contest where you ask the players to combine Photographs and Illustration.
THEME: Please keep it short, ie, Pirate Portraits
SIGNUP DEADLINE: After this date the contest will be setup by a Quartermaster and no more players can signup to participate.
SUBMIT DATE: The last day that players can submit their entries to the contest.
VOTING DURATION: This will indicate how long the contest will be open for public vote (ie, 2 days)
RULES: Make sure you cover all of the rules for your intended contest.

PLAYERS: Enter your name and any other members you know will be participating. Edit your first post to add players as they signup in your Brawl thread. Be sure to spell their usernames correctly!

When all is ready, change the title of the thread to include “READY FOR SETUP”. This can only be done by the person who started the thread or a QM.

You’re good to go! A Quartermaster will set up your Brawl as soon as possible.

Who can play?
  • Right now, anyone! Down the road a bit we’ll likely ask that members have at least 3 entries on any deck in order to be eligible to join or create a Brawl.
  • By signing up you’ve agreed to the rules of the Brawl listed in the corresponding thread.

Are there any restrictions on what I can propose for a Brawl?
  • Your contests must abide by the “safe for work” rule. I.e. no violent images, nudity etc.
  • You must have at least one person committed to playing in order to propose a brawl.
  • You must have a minimum of two players in order for your brawl to be setup. There is no maximum!
  • No annual contests will be hosted at the Brawl Deck, as those will be hosted at the Corsair Challenge Deck.
  • Brawls are usually restricted to one entry per person. If you wish for it to work otherwise, you need to make that clear in the contest rules.
  • All regular deck rules apply.

What if I need to change the setup?
  • If you wish to change the contest setup of a brawl you need to get the approval of all the participants in the Brawl thread . When this has been done, change the thread’s title to include the text “CHANGE REQUESTED”. The Quartermasters will then have a look at your requested change and update your Brawl for you.
  • The routine is almost the same if you want to add a new player to your Brawl after the signup deadline has passed. I.e. you need to get approval from all participants. When this has been done, change the thread’s title to include the text “LINEUP CHANGE REQUESTED”.

What should I do if I run into any problems?
  • If you should encounter problems, feel free to contact any of the Quartermasters via private message.
  • If there is a problem with an entry in a contest that is open for voting, please report it and we will take a look at it.

Mentorship, Critiques and Anonymity
  • You are allowed to ask ONE site member for feedback on your entry before the contest. Keep in mind that you need to keep your entry anonymous, thus you are not allowed to post your entry in the forum. Use a private message instead. We recommend that you find a site mentor for this purpose.
  • Keep your identity secret in the Brawl as best you can. (Self-portrait themes and illustration styles aside) The purpose is twofold, as it also protects the anonymity of your opponents.