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What is BotS?

Battle of the Strippers (BotS in short) is a contest of wits and persistence where you battle each other by drawing a comic strip everyday for a whole month. It is a community effort as the Battles are run by the players themselves, except for the final Brawl. Dagger Bay rules still apply in BotS, whatever it may be! Please refrain from behavior or language that would otherwise not be permitted on this site.

It first started back in 2005 as a last-man-standing battle drawing one comic strip per day, and once you miss a day, you would be dropped out for good. It lasted for whopping 205 days! :shock:
Because it took way too long to finish, the players revised the rule and gave it a time limit with Brawl incorporated as a sudden death match, thus giving birth to the BotS you see today.

Can anyone enter?

Yes! In fact, YOU should join us! As long as you have an account on, you can enter. No artistic skills required. We have strippers drawing less than stick figures on MS Paint and still manage to become a finalist. :shrug:

Are strips about pure illustartion?

No, BotS is not an Illustration contest, and you are free to use a variety of medium. Clip art, game sprite, and even photography have been used in past Battles. Minimal use of animated gif in certain panel(s) to spice up your comic strip may be allowed, but refrain from full flash animation or animation-only strip, as this is a battle of comic strips, not animation.

How often does BotS take place?

The Battles will begin on the first day of each quarter: January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. Each Battle lasts for 30 days, so for the month of January, it will last from Jan.1-Jan.30
The finalists' Brawl takes place on the 31st day, followed by 2 days of voting period.

Where do I submit my strips?

The actual Battle takes place right here in BotS forum. At the beginning of each day, the first stripper to complete a strip will start a thread, and the rest of the strippers post on that same thread. Once a new day starts, a new thread will be made, and so on. The title must state which Battle it is and what day of the battle it is. Please use the following format:

BotS#D# - Title

Example: BotS17D21 - Much Ado about Something or Other

Creative or funny title is encouraged, and they don't have to relate to your own strip.

When is the deadline on each day?

A BotS Day is defined as the period from 12:00:00AM (00:00:00 on 24h clock) to 11:59:59PM Dagger Bay Time (Eastern Standard Time, UTC -5) which is also 4:59:59AM UTC and you must submit your strip before the end of the day to be counted in. Keep in mind that Daylight Savings Time takes effect, in which case it will be 3:59:59AM UTC.

NOTE: Be sure to have your strip ready to upload with plenty of time to spare to meet this deadline, allowing a few minutes for upload delays. The strip post time will be displayed on the subject of your post. It is okay to edit your original thread to fix spelling mistakes and such after you post your strip.

How do I win BotS?

At the end of each day during the battle, the strippers are awarded with 1 point for participating on that day. This is based on the number of participated days rather than the amount of comic strips drawn, so even if you submit 5 strips per day, you will still only be awarded 1 point.

The stripper who has the most points at the end of the Battle (Maximum 30) will be declared the winner. In the case of a tie (which happens most of the time), the tied strippers will be entered into a sudden death, Brawl to determine the winner.

The final Brawl will be held on the day following the end of each Battle (Day 31) on BotS Deck.
The rules for the final strip are the same as a regular strip - Make your strip on the day of the submission as usual, and submit it to the appropriate contest by 11:59:59. No Shoeboxing.
Refer to the Rules & Etiquette section below for specific details to follow.

I want to play, but I cannot participate everyday

Anyone may enter a Battle at any time. If you would like to participate, just post your first strip in the current day's thread. Of course, your odds of winning are better if you start on Day 1, but feel free to jump in if you just want to play for fun!?

Even if a stripper misses one or more days of a Battle, they may continue submitting strips if they wish. Winning isn't everything... right?

Do I get any prize for winning?

We'll see what shiny new booty we can loot from Dagger Bay. For now you definitely get the bragging rights and whatever was part of a stake, usually other strippers bowing down to you in a form of avatar/strip.

Rules & Etiquette

These rules are only set to make it fair for every strippers and to keep a friendly community. Please keep in mind that this arena is generally meant for fun. :D


This is the most important rule of BotS. You must draw a new strip on each Battle day, and cannot prepare several strips ahead of time. You may jot down the plot or ideas beforehand, but the actual drawing must take place on the day of submission.

This runs on an honor system as we have no means of knowing whether you kept your word or not, but if you are caught shoeboxing, you will be dropped from the current battle.

Keep the deadline

Once you miss the deadline even by one second, you will be considered to have missed the day, and even if you made your strip before the deadline, if you did not manage to submit the strip on the forum in time, you will not be scored for the day.

Example: If you posted your strip on Day 3, but if the timestamp says 00:00:05 the next day, your strip will be counted as an entry for Day 4.

The strict timeline is to keep it fair for everyone. Don't be a sore loser. Missing a day isn't the end of the world. ;)

Refrain from making fillers or placeholders

A filler is a strip of notably lower quality than the stripper's regular entries that can easily and instantly be recognized as having no thought or effort put into it and is being used for the sole and express purpose of keeping one's place in the running. This is considered unfair and disrespectful for those who are trying hard to keep up their quality everyday.

Entries displaying only words with no image is also considered a bad form of filler. This is not a battle of textors.

Single Player Only

This is not a team tournament, and if more than one person are working on a strip at a time, it would be considered unfair for the people who try to come up with their strips all by themselves. Also, only the uploader of the strip receives the recognition and reward, so it wouldn't be fair to the others that worked on the uploader's strip either. You are however welcome to take suggestions and make crossovers with others. Crossover strips featuring other strip characters are encouraged, but be respectful.